Quantitative Analysis and FinanceQuantitative Finance

C# Programming
Cable - FX
CAC (Collective Action Clauses)
CAD (Capital Adequacy Directives)
CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate)
Calculus - Differentiation
Calculus - Integration
Calculus - Tensor
Calculus - Time Scale
Calculus of Infinitesimals
Calculus of Moving Surfaces
Calculus of Variations
Calendar Spread
Calendar Spread - Options
Calendars - Universally Accepted
Calibration - Callable Bonds
Calibration - Swaptions
Calibration - Using Treasuries
Calibration Techniques
Call Bonds
Call Date
Call Expiry Payoff
Call Feature
Call Ladder
Call Money
Call Option
Call Premium
Call Protection
Call Protection - Bonds
Call Provisions
Call Risk
Call Schedule
Call Spread
Callable Bonds
Callable Capped Floaters
Callable Credit Products
Callable Inverse Floaters
Callable Range Accrual Notes
Callable Swaps
Cancelable Forward
Cancelable Swap
Cantor Set
Cap Rate
Capacity - How We Measure Volume
Capacity - Litres
Capacity - Millimeters
Capacity vs Volume
Cap-Floor Parity
Capital Adequacy
Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
Capital At Risk (CAR)
Capital Charges
Capital Gain
Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
Capital Gross Bond
Capital Growth Bond
Capital IQ
Capital Markets
Capital Protection
Capital Ratio
Capital Requirements Directive
Capital Returns
Capital Valuation Adjustment (KVA)
Capital Yield
Capitalisation Factor
Capitalisation Issue
CAPM (Capital Asset Pricing Model)
Capped Equity Linked Notes
Capped FRN
Capped Swap
Caps - Bonds
Caps - Interest Rate
Caps - Options
CAR (Capital At Risk)
Cardinal Numbers
Carr Geman Maden Yor (CGMY)
Carry Trade
Cartesian Coordinates
Cartesian Geometry
Cartesian Graph
Cartesian Plane
Cartesian Product
Cash - Collateral
Cash - Settled
Cash - Unsettled
Cash and Carry Arbitrage
Cash and Carry Pricing
Cash Bonds
Cash Borrowing
Cash CDOs
Cash Equities
Cash Flow (CF)
Cash Flow Adjusted Approach (CFAA)
Cash Flow Analysis
Cash Flow Forecasting
Cash Flow Hedge
Cash Flow Mapping
Cash Flow Matching Strategies
Cash Flow Waterfall
Cash Index
Cash Investment
Cash Karp Runge-Kutta
Cash Market
Cash Market Instruments
Cash Money Market Rate
Cash Money Markets
Cash Or Nothing Call Option
Cash Or Nothing Put Option
Cash Ratio
Cash Settlement
Cash Waterfalls
Cashflow Available for Debt Service (CFADS)
Cashflows - Discounting
Cashflows - Present Value
CAT Bond
Catastrophe Theory
Categorical Logic
Categorical Variables
Category Theory
Cauchy Distribution
CBO (Collateralised Bond Obligation)
CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange)
CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade)
CCBS (Cross Currency Basis Swaps)
CCIRS - Currency Swap
CCM (Central Counterparty Model)
CCP (Central CounterParty)
CCR (Counterparty Credit Risk)
CD (Certificate of Deposit)
CD Yields
CDO - Loans
CDO - Mortgages
CDO (Collaterised Debt Obligation)
CDO Managed
CDO Squared
CDO Static
CDO Structuring
CDO Synthetic
CDS - Auction
CDS - Basis
CDS - Credit Spread
CDS - Index
CDS - Itraxx Index
CDS - Loan Insurance
CDS - Option
CDS - Protection Buyer
CDS - Red Code
CDS - Reference Name
CDS - Roll
CDS - Single Name
CDS - Spread
CDS - Tenors
CDS - Tranches
CDS (Credit Default Swap)
CDS Index
CDX - Credit Index
Central (Clearing) Counterparty (CCP)
Central Bank
Central Clearing
Central CounterParty (CCP)
Central Difference
Central Limit Theorem
Central Securities Depository (CSD)
Central Tendency
Central Tendency - Geometric Mean
Central Tendency - Harmonic Mean
Central Tendency - Mean
Central Tendency - Median
Central Tendency - Midrange
Central Tendency - Mode
Central Tendency - Weighted Average
CEQ (Certain Equivalent)
Certain Equivalent (CEQ)
Certificate of Deposit (CD)
Certificates of Participation
Cetegorical Variable
CEV (Constant Elasticity of Variance)
CF (Cash Flow)
CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)
CFA Exam / Certificate
CFAA (Cash Flow Adjusted Approach)
CFADS (Cashflow Available for Debt Service)
CFD (Contracts For Differences)
CFR (Constant Forward Rate)
CGMY (Carr Geman Maden Yor)
CGT (Capital Gains Tax)
Chain Rule
Change in Price = Price Volatility
Change of Numeraire
Chaos Theory
CHAPS Transfer
Character Theory
Charles River
Charm - Greeks
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
Cheapest To Deliver (CTD)
Cheapest To Deliver Bond
Cheapest To Deliver Curve (CTD Curve)
Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)
Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE)
Chicago Mercentile Exchange (CME)
Chinese Wall
Chi-Squared - Complex with spaces
Chi-Squared - Goodness of Fit Test
Chi-Squared Distribution
Chi-Squared Distribution - Complex
Chi-Squared Distribution - Fit Test
Chi-Squared Distribution - One Sample
Chi-Squared Distribution - Simple
Chi-Squared Distribution - Statistic
Chi-Squared Test
Chi-Squared Test for Homogeneity
Chi-Squared Test for Independence
Cholesky Matrix
Chooser Options
CIR (Cox Ingersoll Ross) Model
Circumference - Circle
CIRS - Currency Swap
Class Field Theory
Classic Repos
Classical Algebraic Topology
Classical Analysis
Classical Analytic Number Theory
Classical Differential Calculus
Classical Differential Geometry
Classical Diophantine Geometry
Classical Euclidean Geometry
Classical Geometry
Classical Invariant Theory
Classical Mathematics
Classical Projective Geometry
Classical Tensor Calculus
Classification - Distressed
Classification - High Grade
Classification - High Yield
Clean Deposit
Clean Price
Clearing Banks
Clearing House
Clearing House Automated Payment System
Clearing House Interbank Payment System
Clearing Margin
Clearing Systems
Client Services
Clifford Analysis
Clifford Theory
Cliquet Options
CLN (Credit Linked Note)
CLO (Collaterised Loan Obligations)
Close Out and Repricing - Repos
Close Out Netting
Closed Form Formula
Closed Funds
Closing Out
CLS (Continuous Linked Settlement)
Cluster Sampling
CME (Chicago Mercentile Exchange)
CMM (Constant Maturity Mortgages)
CMO (Collaterised Mortgage Obligations)
CMS (Constant Maturity Swap)
CMT (Constant Maturity Treasury)
Cobordism Theory
Coco Bonds
Coefficient of Determination
Coefficient of Rank Correlation
Coefficient of Variation
Coherent Allocation Theory
Cohomology Theory
Collar - Interest Rates
Collar Option
Collar Swap
Collars - Options
Collateral Choice Discount
Collateral Management
Collateral Valuation Funding (COLVA)
Collateralised Bond Obligation (CBO)
Collateralised Bond Obligation Squared
Collateralised Debt Obligation (CDO)
Collateralised Loan Obligations (CLO)
Collateralised Mortgage Obligations (CMO)
Colour - Greeks
Column Vector
COLVA (Collateral Valuation Funding)
Com Dividend
Combinatorial Analysis
Combinatorial Commutative Algebra
Combinatorial Design Theory
Combinatorial Game Theory
Combinatorial Geometry
Combinatorial Group Theory
Combinatorial Mathematics
Combinatorial Number Theory
Combinatorial Set Theory
Combinatorial Theory
Combinatorial Topology
COMEX - Exchange
Commercial Banking
Commercial Bills
Commercial Debt
Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities
Commerical Loans
Commerical Paper (CP)
Commission Brokers
Committed Facilities
Commodities - Agricultural
Commodities - Aluminium
Commodities - Aluminium Allow Cash
Commodities - Aluminium Cash
Commodities - Backwardation
Commodities - Base Metals
Commodities - Brent Crude
Commodities - Coal
Commodities - Cocoa
Commodities - Coffee
Commodities - Contango
Commodities - Convenience Yield
Commodities - Copper
Commodities - Copper Cash
Commodities - Corn
Commodities - Cotton
Commodities - Crude Oil
Commodities - Emissions
Commodities - Exchange For Physical
Commodities - Farms and Fishery
Commodities - Feed Wheat
Commodities - Forward Pricing
Commodities - Forwards
Commodities - Freight
Commodities - Futures
Commodities - Futures Schedule
Commodities - Gasoline
Commodities - Gold
Commodities - Grains and Cereals
Commodities - Heating Oil
Commodities - Industrial Metals
Commodities - Krugerrand Coins
Commodities - Lead Cash
Commodities - Lean Hogs
Commodities - Live Cattle
Commodities - Natural Gas
Commodities - Nickel
Commodities - Nickel Cash
Commodities - Oil
Commodities - Options
Commodities - Palladium
Commodities - Platinum
Commodities - Power and Gas
Commodities - Precious Metals
Commodities - Questions
Commodities - Rare Metals
Commodities - Roll Period
Commodities - Silver
Commodities - Soybean Oil
Commodities - Soybeans
Commodities - Spot
Commodities - Sugar
Commodities - Swaps
Commodities - Tin Cash
Commodities - Unleaded Gas
Commodities - Wheat
Commodities - WTI Crude Oil
Commodities - Zinc
Commodities - Zinc Cash
Commodity Curve
Commodity Derivatives
Commodity Forward
Commodity Forward Strip
Commodity Futures
Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Commodity Index
Commodity Index - DJUBS
Commodity Index - RICI
Commodity Index - S&P GSCI
Commodity Option Strip
Commodity Options
Commodity Price Term Structure
Commodity Swaps
Common Equity
Common Shares
Common Stock
Commutative Algebra
Company Accounts
Comparable Bonds
Comparative Advantage
Comparative Sector
Compensation Payment
Competitive Exposure
Completely Randomized Design
Complex Algebra
Complex Algebraic Geometry
Complex Analysis
Complex Analytic Dynamics
Complex Analytic Geometry
Complex Chi-Square
Complex Differential Geometry
Complex Dynamics
Complex Geometry
Complex Numbers
Complex Power Duals
Complexity Theory
Compliance Dept
Composite Number
Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)
Compound Interest
Compound Options
Compound Probability
Compounded Interest
Compounded Interest - Continuous
Compounded Interest - Discrete
Compounded Interest - EFFECT Function
Compounded Interest - FVSCHEDULE Function
Compounding Frequencies - Interest Rates
Compounding Frequency
Compounding Periods
Compounding Swap
Computability Theory
Computable Analysis
Computable Model Theory
Computational Algebraic Geometry
Computational Complexity Theory
Computational Geometry
Computational Group Theory
Computational Mathematics
Computational Mechanics
Computational Number Theory
Computational Real Algebraic Geometry
Computational Synthetic Geometry
Computational Topology
Computer Algebra
Concentration Risk
Concert Party
Concrete Mathematics
Conditional Distribution
Conditional Expectation
Conditional Frequency
Conditional Probability
Conditional Repayment Rate (CRR)
Condor Spread
Confidence Interval
Confidence Level
Confidence Limits
Conformal Geometry
Consol Bonds
Constant Elasticity of Variance Model
Constant Forward Rate (CFR)
Constant Maturity Derivatives
Constant Maturity Mortgages (CMM)
Constant Maturity Swap (CMS)
Constant Maturity Treasury (CMT)
Constant Maturity Treasury Swap
Constant Prepayment Rate (CPR)
Constants Repayments
Constrained Frontier Portfolios
Constructive Analysis
Constructive Function Theory
Constructive Mathematics
Constructive Quantum Field Theory
Constructive Set Theory
Consumer Prices Index (CPI)
Consumption Asset
Contact Geometry
Contango Curves
Contingency Coefficients
Contingency Table
Contingent Claim
Contingent Claim - Caps
Contingent Claim - Options
Contingent Claim - Swaptions
Contingent Options
Contingent Premium
Contingent Swap
Continuous - Black Scholes
Continuous - Differential Equations
Continuous Compounding
Continuous Compounding Interest
Continuous Cumulative Function
Continuous Cumulative Probability Function
Continuous Distribution Functions
Continuous Dividend Yield
Continuous Dividends
Continuous Function
Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS)
Continuous Numbers
Continuous Probability Distribution
Continuous Probability Function
Continuous Random Walk
Continuous Time Limits
Continuous Variables
Contract Classes
Contract Date
Contract Rate
Contracts For Differences (CFD)
Contractual Covered Bond
Contractual Settlement Date
Control Groups
Control Variate Technique
Convection - Dominance
Convenience Sample
Convenience Yield
Conventional Bond
Conventions - Business Days
Conventions - Day Count
Conventions - Day Fractions
Conversion Factor - Convertible Bonds
Conversion Parity - Convertible Bonds
Conversion Premium
Conversion Price
Conversion Ratio - Convertible Bonds
Conversion Value - Convertible Bonds
Convertible Arbitrage
Convertible Bonds
Convertible Bonds - Conversion Value
Convertible Bonds - Parity
Convertible Currency
Convertible Gilts
Convertible Quanto Note
Convertible Rate FRN
Converting Discount Rates to Yields
Convex Analysis
Convex Geometry
Convexity - Bonds
Convexity - Dollar
Convexity - Measuring
Convexity Adjustment
Convexity Bias
Convexity Gain
Convexity Values
Convexity Yield Trade Off
Cooperative Banks
Coordinate Geometry
Coprime Number
Core Consumer Price Inflation
Core Tier 1 Capital
Corporate Action - Acquisition
Corporate Action - Buy Back
Corporate Action - Merger
Corporate Action - Rights Issue
Corporate Action - Spin Off
Corporate Action - Stock Split
Corporate Actions
Corporate Bonds
Corporate Cross Holdings
Corporate Debt
Corporate Finance
Corporate Governance
Corporate Loans
Corporate Paper
Corporation Loans
Corporation Tax
CORREL - Excel Function
Correlated T-Test
Correlation Coefficient
Correlation Coefficient - Pearson
Correlation Coefficient - Product Moment
Correlation Coefficient - Rho
Correlation Coefficient - Spearman
Correlation Matrix
Correlation Products
Corridor Swaps
Cost of Borrowing
Cost of Capital
Cost of Carry
Cost of Debt
Cost of Equity
Cost of Finds Index
Cost of Lending
Costing Methods
Counter Currency
Counterparty Credit Risk (CCR)
CounterParty Risk
Counterparty SSI
Country of Risk
COUPDAYBS - Excel Function
COUPDAYS - Excel Function
COUPDAYSNC - Excel Function
COUPNCD - Excel Function
COUPNUM - Excel Function
Coupon - Zero
Coupon Bearing Bonds
Coupon Dates
Coupon Payments
Coupon Payments - Bond Futures
Coupon Payments - Bond Pricing
Coupon Payments - Certificates Of Deposit
Coupon Payments - COUPDAYBS Function
Coupon Payments - COUPDAYS Function
Coupon Payments - COUPDAYSNC Function
Coupon Payments - COUPNCD Function
Coupon Payments - COUPNUM Function
Coupon Payments - COUPPCD Function
Coupon Payments - Irregular Periods
Coupon Payments - Repurchase Agreement
Coupon Payments - Security Lending
Coupon Rate
Coupon Reset Formula
Coupon Stripping
Coupon Strips
Coupon Swaps
Coupon Type
Coupon Yield Curve
Coupons - Bonds
COUPPCD - Excel Function
Coutts & Co
COVAR - Excel Function
Covariance Matrix
Covenants - Bonds
Covenants - Eurobonds
Covenants - Loans
Covered Bond
Covered Bonds - Contractual
Covered Bonds - Legislative
Covered Bonds - Structural
Covered Call
Covered Call Option
Covered Call Writing
Covered Fund
Covered Interest Rate Arbitrage
Covered Put
Covered Put Option
Covered Warrant
Covered Writing
Cox Ingersoll Ross Model
Cox Ross Rubinstein Model
CP (Commercial Paper)
CPDO (Constant Proportion Debt Obligation)
CPI (Consumer Price Index)
CPI Inflation Rate
CPR (Constant Prepayment Rate)
CQF (Certified Quantitative Finance)
CQF Exam / Certificate
CQS Hedge Fund
Crank Nicholson
Crawling Peg
Credit - Agencies
Credit - Analysis
Credit - Control
Credit - Curve Yield Spreads
Credit - Derivatives
Credit - Enhancements
Credit - Event
Credit - Events
Credit - Exposure
Credit - Exposure
Credit - Flow Analytics
Credit - Gamma
Credit - Hybrids
Credit - Indices
Credit - Limits
Credit - Lines
Credit - Linked Note (CLN)
Credit - Municipals
Credit - Options
Credit - Risk
Credit - Securitised Products
Credit - Seniority
Credit - Spread
Credit - Spread Bond
Credit - Spread Option
Credit - Spread Swap
Credit - Swaps
Credit - Tranches
Credit - Vega
Credit - Volatility
Credit Curves
Credit Default Index Swap (CDIS)
Credit Default Index Swap Option
Credit Default Risk
Credit Default Swap (CDS)
Credit Default Swap on a Basket
Credit Default Swap Options
Credit Index - CDX
Credit Index - ITRAXX
Credit Linked Note (CLN)
Credit Markets
Credit Rate Transfer (CRT)
Credit Ratings
Credit Risk
Credit Risk Modelling
Credit Score
Credit Scoring Models
Credit Spread
Credit Spread - CDS
Credit Spread - Government Bonds
Credit Spread - Interest Rate Swaps
Credit Spread - Zero Volatility
Credit Spread Option
Credit Support Annex (CSA)
Credit Valuation Adjustment (CVA)
Credit Value Adjustment VaR (CVA VAR)
Credit Watch
Credit Yield - Bonds
Credit Yield - Options
Creditors - Order of Repayment
Critical Parameter Value
Critical Path Analysis
Critical Value
Cross Currency (XCCY)
Cross Currency Basis Spread
Cross Currency Basis Swaps (CCBS)
Cross Currency Bermudan Swaption
Cross Currency Interest Rate Swap
Cross Currency Repo
Cross Currency Settlement
Cross Currency Swap (CCS)
Cross Market Spreads
Cross Over Rate
Cross Rate Forwards
Cross Rates
Cross Shareholdings
Cross Trade
Cross-Currency Asset Swap
Crossover - Bonds
Crossover Rate
CRR (Conditional Repayment Rate)
CRR (Cox Rox and Rubinstein)
CRT (Credit Rate Transfer)
CSA (Credit Support Annex)
CSA Discounting
CSD (Central Securities Depository)
CSO - Synthetic CDO
CTD (Cheapest to Deliver)
CTD Bond
CTD Curve (Cheapest to Deliver Curve)
CTD Model - Intrinsic
Cubic Spline Interpolation
Cum Dividend
Cum Dividend Date
CUMIPMT - Excel Function
CUMPRINC - Excel Function
Cumulative Default Probability
Cumulative Distribution
Cumulative Distribution Function
Cumulative Forward
Cumulative Frequency
Cumulative Frequency Plot
Cumulative Normal Distribution Function
Cumulative Percentage Frequency
Cumulative Probability
Cumulative Probability Distribution
Cumulative Reverse
Currencies - All Countries
Currencies - Asset
Currencies - Base
Currencies - Dollar
Currencies - Euro
Currencies - FX
Currencies - GBP
Currencies - Hard
Currencies - INR
Currencies - JPY
Currencies - Local
Currencies - Metical
Currencies - Minor
Currencies - MXN
Currencies - Pound
Currencies - Renminbi
Currencies - RUB
Currencies - Rupee
Currencies - Settlement
Currencies - Soft
Currencies - Sterling
Currencies - Term
Currencies - Yuan
Currency Basis Swap
Currency Collar Option
Currency Convertibles
Currency Coupon Swaps
Currency Derivatives
Currency Forwards
Currency Forwards - Short Dated
Currency Futures
Currency Market
Currency Note
Currency Options
Currency Pair - EUR/GBP
Currency Pair - EUR/USD
Currency Pair - GBP/USD
Currency Pair - TRY/JPY
Currency Pair - USD/JPY
Currency Risk
Currency Swaps
Currency Translated Options
Currency Warrants
Current EPS
Current Yield
Curve Fitting
Curves - Basis
Curves - Bell
Curves - Bonos
Curves - BTP
Curves - Building
Curves - Cheapest To Deliver
Curves - Delta
Curves - Different Approaches
Curves - Discount
Curves - Flat
Curves - Forward
Curves - Gamma
Curves - Humped
Curves - Interest Rates
Curves - Inverted
Curves - Kaplan-Meier Survival
Curves - Overnight
Curves - Par
Curves - Par Yield
Curves - Rising
Curves - Rolling
Curves - Sector
Curves - Smoothing
Curves - Spot
Curves - Steepener
Curves - Steepening
Curves - Volatility
Curves - Yield
Curves - Yield to Maturity
Curves - Yield to Worst
Curvilinear Monotonic Relationships
CVA (Credit Valuation Adjustment)
CVA VAR (Credit Value Adjustment VaR)
Cyclical Stock
Cycling Dates
Cylinder Options
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