Quantitative Analysis and FinanceQuantitative Finance

E Notation
EAD (Exposure at Default)
EAR (Effective Annual Rate)
Early Exercise
Early Exercise - American Options
Earnings Management
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Earnings Yield
EAY (Effective Annual Yield)
EBF (European Bankers Federation)
EBF Euro Repo
ECB (European Central Bank)
Echelon Matrix
ECN (Electronic Communication Network)
ECN (Extendible Commerical Note)
Economic Exposure
Economic Growth
Economic Theories
Economic Value
Economics - Macro
Economics - Micro
Economy - Developed
Economy - Emerging
ECP (Euro Commercial Paper)
ECSB (European System of Central Banks)
ECU (European Currency Unit)
EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis)
EDF (EuroDollar Future)
Edgeworth Binomial Tree
Edgeworth Distribution
Edgeworth Option Valuation
EDR (Euro Depository Receipt)
EDSP (Exchange Delivery Settlement Price)
EDT (Equity Derivatives Technology)
EFFECT - Excel Function
Effect Size
Effective Annual Rate (EAR)
Effective Annual Yield (EAY)
Effective Date
Effective Descriptive Set Theory
Effective Duration
Effective Exchange Rate
Effective Interest Rate
Effective Par Rate
Effective Rate
Effective Rate Basis
Effective Yield
Efficient Frontier
Efficient Frontier - HL
Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH)
Efficient Markets
Efficient Portfolios
EFP (Exchange For Physical)
EFS (Equity Fund Structured)
EFSF (European Financial Stability Facility)
EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
EFT (Exchange Traded Fund)
EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting)
EGX 30 Index
EIB (European Investment Bank)
Eigenvalues - Matrix
Eigenvectors - Matrix
Eikon Excel Add-in
Einsteins Theory
Elasticity - Greeks
Electronic Communication Network (ECN)
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
Electronic Public Offering
Elementary Algebra
Elementary Arithmetic
Elementary Mathematics
Elementary Matrix Operations
Eligible Bill
Elimination Theory
Elliott Waves
Elliptic Function
Elliptic Geometry
ELN (Equity Linked Note)
Embedded Options
Embedded Options - Bonds
Embedded Options - Call Feature
Embedded Options - Swaps
EMBI (Emerging Market Bond Index)
EMEA (Europe Middle East Africa)
Emerging Economy
Emerging Market Bond Index (EMBI)
Emerging Market Currencies
Emerging Markets
EMH (Efficient Market Hypothesis)
EMMI (European Money Markets Institute)
Empirical Distribution
Empirical Evidence
Empirical Model
Empirical Probability
Empirical Research
Employee Stock Options (ESOs)
Empty Set
EMS (European Monetary System)
EMS (Execution Management System)
EMU (European Monetary Union)
EN - Exchange
End to End
End User Computing (EUC)
Endowment Mortgage
Endowment Policy
Energy Derivatives
Energy Options
Enhanced Beta
Enterprise Risk Management Framework
Enumerative Combinatorics
Enumerative Geometry
EONIA (Euro OverNight Index Average)
EP (Economic Profit)
EP versus DCF
EPO (Electronic Public Offering)
EPS (Earnings Per Share)
Equalizing Ratio
Equations - Closed Form
Equations - First Order
Equations - Fokker Planck
Equations - Kolmogorov Forward
Equations - Linear
Equations - Non Linear
Equations - Numerical Approximation
Equations - Second Order
Equations - Simple Pendulum
Equations - Solving Analytically
Equations - Solving Graphically
Equations - Third Order
Equities - Collar
Equities - Collar Strategies
Equities - Common
Equities - Convertible
Equities - Credit
Equities - Cyclical Stock
Equities - Defensive Stock
Equities - Financing
Equities - Futures
Equities - Index Futures
Equities - Index Options
Equities - Index Swaps
Equities - Options
Equities - Proxy Bond
Equities - Sales
Equities - Security
Equities - Stock
Equities - Swaps
Equities - Syndicate
Equities - Trading
Equity - Preferred
Equity Derivatives
Equity Derivatives Technology (EDT)
Equity Forward
Equity Fund Structured (EFS)
Equity Future
Equity Indices
Equity Indices - ASX All Ordinaries
Equity Indices - BATS UK 100
Equity Indices - BATS UK 250
Equity Indices - CAC 40
Equity Indices - DAX 30
Equity Indices - Dow Jones
Equity Indices - EGX 30
Equity Indices - FTSE
Equity Indices - FTSE 100
Equity Indices - FTSE 250
Equity Indices - FTSE AIM All Share
Equity Indices - FTSE All Share
Equity Indices - FTSE Eurofirst 300
Equity Indices - Hang Seng
Equity Indices - Nasdaq
Equity Indices - Nasdaq Composite
Equity Indices - Nikkei 225
Equity Indices - Russell 3000
Equity Indices - S&P 500
Equity Indices - Shanghai Composite
Equity Indices - Standard & Poors
Equity Indices - Xetra DAX
Equity Linked Bonds
Equity Linked Derivatives
Equity Linked Note (ELN)
Equity Linked Structured Notes
Equity Long/Short Bias
Equity Option
Equity Premium
Equity Single Name Swaps
Equity Swap
Equity Teir One Ratio
Equity Tranche
Equivalent Annual Yield
Equivalent Coupon Yield
Equivalent Interest Rate
Equivalent Life
Equivalent Martingale Measures
Equivalent Rate
Equivalent Securities
Equivalent Yield - Bond
ERA (Exchange Rate Agreement)
Ergodic Theory
Erlang Distribution
ERM (Exchange Rate Mechanism)
ESM (European Stability Mechanism)
Estimated Standard Deviation
Estimated Variance
Estimating Beta Coefficents
Estimating Binomial Distribution with Normal
Estimating Poisson Distribution with Normal
ETF (Exchange Traded Fund)
ETFF (Exchange Traded Fund Futures)
ETN (Exchange Traded Note)
ETO (Exchange Traded Option)
EU (European Union)
EUC (End User Computing)
Euclidean Space
Euler Allocations
EUR Gamma
EUREX Asset Swaps
Euribor Futures
Euribor Options
Euro Base Rates
Euro Bonds
Euro Bund Future
Euro Commercial Paper (ECP)
Euro Cross Rates
Euro Currency
Euro Depository Receipt (EDR)
Euro Dollar Basis Swap Rate
Euro Euribor
Euro Interbank Deposit
Euro Libor
Euro Market
Euro Overnight Index Average (EONIA)
Euro Stoxx 300
Euro Stoxx 50
Euro Stoxx Banks Index
Euro Swap Curve
Euro US Dollar Basis Swap Rate
EuroDollar Curve (ED Curve)
EuroDollar Future (EDF)
EuroDollar Futures Contract
EuroDollar Interest Rate
EuroDollar LIBOR
EuroDollar Markets
EuroDollar Options
Euromark LIBOR
European Bankers Federation (EBF)
European Central Bank (ECB)
European Covered Bond Market
European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF)
European Investment Bank (EIB)
European Market Infrastructure Regulation
European Monetary System (EMS)
European Monetary Union (EMU)
European Money Markets Institute (EMMI)
European Options
European Options - Coupon Bond
European Options - Monte Carlo
European Options - Pricing
European Options - Zero Coupon Bond
European PMIs
European Securitisation Forum
European Stability Mechanism (ESM)
European Swaption
European System of Central Banks (ECSB)
European Union (EU)
Eurostoxx 50 Index
Eurostoxx 600 Index
EuroSwiss Franc
Eurozone Bonds
Event Multiple
Events of Default
Ex - Distribution
Exact Differential
Exam / Certificates - CFA
Exam / Certificates - CQF
Exam / Certificates - FRM
Excel Add-ins - Bloomberg
Excel Add-ins - Capital IQ
Excel Add-ins - Datastream
Excel Add-ins - DealMaven
Excel Add-ins - Eikon
Excel Add-ins - Excel-DNA
Excel Add-ins - FactSet
Excel Add-ins - FormList
Excel Add-ins - Hoadley
Excel Add-ins - MacroBond
Excel Add-ins - Metrixus
Excel Add-ins - QuantLib
Excel Add-ins - QuantQraft
Excel Add-ins - Refinitiv
Excel Add-ins - S&P
Excel Add-ins - Simtools
Excel Add-ins - SMF
Excel Add-ins - Thomson Reuters
Excel Add-ins - XLTrader
Excel Function - ACCRINT
Excel Function - ACCRINTM
Excel Function - AMORDEGRC
Excel Function - AMORLINC
Excel Function - AVEDEV
Excel Function - AVERAGE
Excel Function - AVERAGEA
Excel Function - AVERAGEIF
Excel Function - AVERAGEIFS
Excel Function - BDH
Excel Function - BDP
Excel Function - BETA.DIST
Excel Function - BETA.INV
Excel Function - BINOM.DIST
Excel Function - BINOM.DIST.RANGE
Excel Function - BINOM.INV
Excel Function - CHISQ.DIST
Excel Function - CHISQ.DIST.RT
Excel Function - CHISQ.INV
Excel Function - CHISQ.INV.RT
Excel Function - CHISQ.TEST
Excel Function - COMBIN
Excel Function - CONFIDENCE.NORM
Excel Function - CONFIDENCE.T
Excel Function - CORREL
Excel Function - COUNT
Excel Function - COUNTA
Excel Function - COUNTBLANK
Excel Function - COUNTIF
Excel Function - COUNTIFS
Excel Function - COUPDAYBS
Excel Function - COUPDAYS
Excel Function - COUPDAYSNC
Excel Function - COUPNCD
Excel Function - COUPNUM
Excel Function - COUPPCD
Excel Function - COVARIANCE.P
Excel Function - COVARIANCE.S
Excel Function - CUMIPMT
Excel Function - CUMPRINC
Excel Function - DB
Excel Function - DDB
Excel Function - DEVSQ
Excel Function - DISC
Excel Function - DOLLARDE
Excel Function - DOLLARFR
Excel Function - DURATION
Excel Function - EFFECT
Excel Function - EXP
Excel Function - EXPON.DIST
Excel Function - F.DIST
Excel Function - F.DIST.RT
Excel Function - F.INV
Excel Function - F.INV.RT
Excel Function - F.TEST
Excel Function - FACT
Excel Function - FISHER
Excel Function - FISHERINV
Excel Function - FORECAST.ETS
Excel Function - FORECAST.LINEAR
Excel Function - FREQUENCY
Excel Function - FV
Excel Function - FVSCHEDULE
Excel Function - GAMMA.DIST
Excel Function - GAMMA.INV
Excel Function - GAMMALN.PRECISE
Excel Function - GAUSS
Excel Function - GEOMEAN
Excel Function - GROWTH
Excel Function - HARMEAN
Excel Function - HYPGEOM.DIST
Excel Function - INTERCEPT
Excel Function - INTRATE
Excel Function - IPMT
Excel Function - IRR
Excel Function - KURT
Excel Function - LARGE
Excel Function - LINEST
Excel Function - LN
Excel Function - LOGEST
Excel Function - LOGNORM.DIST
Excel Function - LOGNORM.INV
Excel Function - MAX
Excel Function - MAXA
Excel Function - MAXIFS
Excel Function - MDURATION
Excel Function - MEDIAN
Excel Function - MIN
Excel Function - MINA
Excel Function - MINIFS
Excel Function - MINVERSE
Excel Function - MIRR
Excel Function - MMULT
Excel Function - MODE.MULT
Excel Function - MODE.SNGL
Excel Function - NEGBINOM.DIST
Excel Function - NOMINAL
Excel Function - NORM.DIST
Excel Function - NORM.INV
Excel Function - NORM.S.DIST
Excel Function - NORM.S.INV
Excel Function - NPER
Excel Function - NPV
Excel Function - ODDFPRICE
Excel Function - ODDFYIELD
Excel Function - ODDLPRICE
Excel Function - ODDLYIELD
Excel Function - PDURATION
Excel Function - PEARSON
Excel Function - PERCENTILE.EXC
Excel Function - PERCENTILE.INC
Excel Function - PERCENTRANK.EXC
Excel Function - PERCENTRANK.INC
Excel Function - PERMUT
Excel Function - PERMUTATIONA
Excel Function - PHI
Excel Function - PMT
Excel Function - POISSON.DIST
Excel Function - PPMT
Excel Function - PRICE
Excel Function - PRICEDISC
Excel Function - PRICEMAT
Excel Function - PROB
Excel Function - PV
Excel Function - QUARTILE.EXC
Excel Function - QUARTILE.INC
Excel Function - RANK.AVG
Excel Function - RANK.EQ
Excel Function - RATE
Excel Function - RECEIVED
Excel Function - RRI
Excel Function - RSQ
Excel Function - RtGet
Excel Function - SKEW
Excel Function - SKEW.P
Excel Function - SLN
Excel Function - SLOPE
Excel Function - SMALL
Excel Function - STANDARDIZE
Excel Function - STDEV.P
Excel Function - STDEV.S
Excel Function - STDEVP
Excel Function - STDEVPA
Excel Function - STEYX
Excel Function - SYD
Excel Function - T.DIST
Excel Function - T.DIST.2T
Excel Function - T.DIST.RT
Excel Function - T.INV
Excel Function - T.INV.2T
Excel Function - T.TEST
Excel Function - TBILLEQ
Excel Function - TBILLPRICE
Excel Function - TBILLYIELD
Excel Function - TREND
Excel Function - TRIMMEAN
Excel Function - VAR.P
Excel Function - VAR.S
Excel Function - VARA
Excel Function - VARPA
Excel Function - VDB
Excel Function - WEIBULL.DIST
Excel Function - XIRR
Excel Function - XNPV
Excel Function - YIELD
Excel Function - YIELDDISC
Excel Function - YIELDMAT
Excel Function - Z.TEST
Excel Functions
Excel Functions - Complete List
Excel Worksheet Functions
Excess Return
Exchangable Bonds
Exchange Controls
Exchange Delivery Settlement Price (EDSP)
Exchange for Physical (EFP)
Exchange Option
Exchange Rate Agreement (ERA)
Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM)
Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERMII)
Exchange Rates
Exchange Rates - Fixed
Exchange Rates - Floating
Exchange Traded
Exchange Traded Derivatives
Exchange Traded Forward
Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)
Exchange Traded Fund Futures (ETFF)
Exchange Traded Futures
Exchange Traded Instruments
Exchange Traded Note (ETN)
Exchange Traded Option (ETO)
Exchanges - ASX
Exchanges - CBOE
Exchanges - CME
Exchanges - COMEX
Exchanges - EEX
Exchanges - EM
Exchanges - EUREX
Exchanges - ICE
Exchanges - KCBOT
Exchanges - LIFFE
Exchanges - LME
Exchanges - MCX
Exchanges - MGEX
Exchanges - MX
Exchanges - NYMEX
Exchanges - ODE
Exchanges - OSE
Exchanges - SGX
Exchanges - SHFE
Exchanges - TFX
Ex-Dividend Date
Ex-Dividend Periods
Execution Management System (EMS)
Execution Price
Executive Stock Option
Exercise Frequency
Exercise Price
Exit Charges
Exit Option
Exotic Options
Exotic vs Vanilla
Expectation Algebra
Expectations Hypothesis
Expectations Theory
Expected Future Cash Flows
Expected Future Interest Rate
Expected Payout
Expected Return
Expected Value
Experiemental Design
Expiration Date
Expiry Date
Explicit Finite Difference Methods
Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
Exponential Distribution
Exponential Equations
Exponential Growth
Exponential Regression
Exponential Series
Exponential Smoothing
Exponential Weightings
Exponentially Weighted Moving Average
Exposure At Default (EAD)
Exposure Risk
Ex-Rights Price
Extendible Accrual Interest Rate Swap
Extendible Bond
Extendible Commerical Note (ECN)
Extendible Options
Extendible Swaps
Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)
Extrapolation - Conic
Extrapolation - French Curve
Extrapolation - Linear
Extrapolation - Polynomial
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