Quantitative Analysis and FinanceQuantitative Finance

DAC (Delivery Against Collateral)
Daily Benchmarking
Daily Marking to Market
Daily Settlement - Futures
Dalian Exchange
DARO (Double Average Rate Option)
Data - Continuous
Data - Discrete
Data Collection
Data Enrichment
Data Mining
Datastream Excel Add-in
Dated Date
Dates - Actual Settlement
Dates - Contractual Settlement
Dates - Cum Dividend
Dates - Dated
Dates - Deal
Dates - Effective
Dates - Ex Dividend
Dates - Important Dates
Dates - Issue
Dates - Settlement
Dates - Trade
Dates - Value
Day Basis
Day Count
Day Count - Following Business Day
Day Count - Modified Business Day
Day Count - Previous Business Day
Day Count Conventions
Day Counting - 30/360
Day Counting - 30E/360
Day Counting - Actual/360
Day Counting - Actual/365
Day Counting - Actual/Actual
Day Fractions
Day To Day Repo
Day Trade
Day Year Conventions
Daylight Limit
DB - Excel Function
DBV (Delivery By Value)
DCF - APV (Adjusted Present Value)
DCF - CCF (Capital Cash Flow)
DCF - ECF (Equity Cash Flow)
DCF - EP (Economic Profit)
DCF - FCF (Free Cash Flow)
DCF (Discounted Cash Flow)
DCF Valuations
DCM (Debt Capital Markets)
DDB - Excel Function
Deal Date
Dealing on Exchange
DealMaven Excel Add-in
Debt - Bonds
Debt - Convertible
Debt - Distressed
Debt - Equity
Debt - Instruments
Debt - Loans
Debt - Macro
Debt - Ranking
Debt - Research Analyst
Debt - Restructuring
Debt - Secured Bonds
Debt - Securities
Debt - Seniority
Debt - Unsecured Bonds
Debt Capital Market (DCM)
Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)
Debt to Equity Ratio
Debt to Equity Swap
Debt to Income Ratio
Debt Valuation Adjustment (DVA)
Decision Rule
Decision Trees
Decomposition Model
Deep Discount Bond
Default - Technical
Default Correlations
Default Events
Default on Credit Risk
Default Probabilities
Default Risk
Defaults - Bonds
Defensive Stock
Deferred Annuity
Deferred Payment Option
Deferred Start Swap
Deferred Swap
Defined Benefit Pension
Definite Integral
Degree of Association
Degrees of Confidence
Degress of Freedom
Delayed Start Swap
Deliver Out Repo
Deliverable Bonds
Deliverable Obligations
Deliverable Swap Future (DSF)
Delivery Adjusted Futures Price
Delivery Against Collateral (DAC)
Delivery Baskets - Futures
Delivery By Value (DBV)
Delivery Date
Delivery of Future Contracts
Delivery Options
Delivery vs Payment
Delta - Bonds
Delta - Options
Delta Curve
Delta Hedging
Delta Long
Delta Neutral
Delta Neutral Portfolio
Delta Neutrality
Delta of Correlation
Delta One
Delta Short
Density - Measurement
Density Function - Probability
Departments - Operations
Departments - Product Control
Dependent Variables
Depository Trust Company (DTC)
Depreciation - AMORDEGRC Function
Depreciation - AMORLINC Function
Depreciation - DB Function
Depreciation - DDB Function
Depreciation - SLN Function
Depreciation - SYD Function
Depreciation - VDB Function
Derivation - Underlier
Derivative of a Function
Derivative of an Inverse Function
Derivative Products
Derivatives - Bond
Derivatives - Cash
Derivatives - Commodity
Derivatives - Credit
Derivatives - Cross Currency Swap
Derivatives - Currency
Derivatives - Currency Swap
Derivatives - Equity
Derivatives - Financial
Derivatives - First Order
Derivatives - Foreign Exchange
Derivatives - Forward Based
Derivatives - FX
Derivatives - FX Swap
Derivatives - Inflation
Derivatives - Interest Rate
Derivatives - Pricing
Derivatives - Questions
Derivatives - Second Order
Derivatives - Third Order
Derivatives - Weather
Derivatives Counterparty Risk Management
Derivatives Deal Manager (DDM)
Derivatives Theory
Derived Function
Descriptive Statistics
Descriptive Techniques
Desk Supervisor
Determinant - Matrix
Developed Economy
Deviation - Average
Deviation - Standard
Deviation Score
Devils Staircase
DFAA (Discount Factor Adjusted Approach)
DFAST (Dodd-Frank Act Stress Tests)
Diagonal Matrix
Diagonal Spread
Diagrams - Cash Flow
Diagrams - Payoff
Diagrams - Profit
Die Away Curve
Difference Equations - Discrete
Difference in Fit Errors
Difference of Means Test
Difference Rule - Differentation
Different Costing Methods
Differential Coefficient
Differential Equation
Differential Equations - Continuous
Differential Swap
Differentiation - Difference Rule
Differentiation - Product Rule
Differentiation - Quotient Rule
Differentiation - Sum Rule
Diffusion Equation
Digital Barrier
Digital Credit Derivatives
Digital Options
Digital Payout
Digital Swap
Diluted EPS
Direct Market Access (DMA)
Directional Bias
Dirty Floating
Dirty Price
DISC - Excel Function
Discount Bonds
Discount Broker
Discount Curve
Discount Curve - LIBOR Swap
Discount Curve - Treasury
Discount Factor
Discount Factor Adjusted Approach (DFAA)
Discount Factor Curve
Discount Factor Function
Discount Function
Discount House
Discount Instruments
Discount Note
Discount Rate
Discount Rate Basis
Discount Swap
Discount Window
Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)
Discounted Cashflows
Discounting Curve
Discounting Future FX Risk
Discounting the Bill
Discrete - Binomial Model
Discrete - Difference Equations
Discrete Cashflows
Discrete Cumulative Function
Discrete Cumulative Probability Function
Discrete Distribution Functions
Discrete Dividends
Discrete Mathematics
Discrete Numbers
Discrete Payments
Discrete Probability Distribution
Discrete Probability Function
Discrete Variables
Discretely Paid Coupons
Discretization Methods
Discretized Payoff Function
Distance - How We Measure Length
Distressed Debt
Distressed Securities
Distribution - Bernoulli
Distribution - Beta
Distribution - Bimodal
Distribution - Binomial
Distribution - Cantor
Distribution - Cauchy
Distribution - Chi Square
Distribution - Continuous
Distribution - Discrete
Distribution - Edgeworth
Distribution - Erlang
Distribution - Excel Functions
Distribution - Exponential
Distribution - F Test
Distribution - Gamma
Distribution - Gaussian
Distribution - Gumbel
Distribution - Holtsmark
Distribution - Inverse Normal
Distribution - J Shaped
Distribution - Lapace
Distribution - Leptokurtic
Distribution - Levy
Distribution - Logistic
Distribution - Lognormal
Distribution - Mesokurtic
Distribution - Multi Variate
Distribution - Negative Binomial
Distribution - Normal
Distribution - Parentian
Distribution - Pareto
Distribution - Platykurtic
Distribution - Poisson
Distribution - Reciprocal Gamma
Distribution - Rectangular
Distribution - Stable
Distribution - Students T
Distribution - T Test
Distribution - Uniform
Distribution - Weibull
Distribution Theory
Dividend - Break
Dividend - Cum
Dividend - Ex
Dividend Adjusted Stock Price
Dividend Cover
Dividend Discount Model
Dividend Paying Stock
Dividend Per Share (DPS)
Dividend Yield
Dividends - Cash
Dividends - Continuous
Dividends - Discrete
Dividends - Equity
Dividends - Stock
Dividends - Total Paid
Division - Maths
DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average)
DLX - Haver
DMA (Direct Market Access)
Dodd Frank Act
Dollar - Hard
Dollar - Soft
Dollar Default Rate
Dollar Delta
Dollar Discount
Dollar Duration
Dollar Index
Dollar Market Rates
Dollar Repo
Dollar Roll
Dollar Value of a Basis Point (DV01)
Dollar Vega
Dollar Weighted Rate of Return
Dollar Weighted Return (DWR)
DOLLARDE - Excel Function
DOLLARFR - Excel Function
Domestic Bonds
Domestic Currencies
Domestic LIBOR
Domestic Markets
Domestic Money Markets
Donskers Theorem
Double Average Options
Double Average Rate Option (DARO)
Double Barrier Binary Option
Double Barrier Call Option
Double Barrier Options
Double Barrier Put Option
Double Blinding
Double Dipping
Double Entry BookKeeping
Double Knock In Options
Double Knock Out Options
Dow Jones Index
Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
Down and In Barrier Option
Down and Out Barrier Option
Downward Pressure
DPS (Dividend Per Share)
Dragon Bond
Drawing Inferences
Drawn Down - Borrowed
Drfit - Option Pricing
DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio)
DSF (Deliverable Swap Future)
DTC (Depository Trust Company)
DTI Ratio (Debt to Income)
DTS (Duration Time Spread)
Dual Currency Bonds
Dual Currency Swaps
Dual Delta
Dual Rate
Dual Strike Option
Due Bill Repo
Due Date
Duplicate Order
DuPoint Formula
Duration - Bonds
Duration - Dollar
Duration - Effective
DURATION - Excel Function
Duration - Interest Rate Swaps
Duration - Key Rate
Duration - Macaulay
Duration - Modified
Duration - Portfolio Duration
Duration - Reshaping
Duration - Spread
Duration - Weighting
Duration Matching
Duration Time Spread (DTS)
DV - Dependent Variables
DV01 - Bonds
DVA (Debt Valuation Adjustment)
DVP (Delivery vs Payment)
DWR (Dollar Weighted Return)
Dynamic Hedge
Dynamic Hedging
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