Quantitative Analysis and FinanceQuantitative Finance

Naked Call
Naked Options
Naked Position
Naked Put
Naked Short
Naked Unhedged Exposure
Napoleon Options
NASDAQ Composite Index
National Central Bank (NCB)
National Currency Unit
National Debt
Natural Logarithm
Natural Number
NAV (Net Asset Value)
NCB (National Central Bank)
NCD (Negotiable Certificate of Deposit)
NDF (Non Deliverable Forwards)
Near Cash
Negative Amortization Mortgages
Negative Basis
Negative Binomial Distribution
Negative Binomial Probability
Negative Binomial Random Variable
Negative Carry
Negative Convexity
Negative Covenant
Negative Equity
Negative Exponent
Negative Funding
Negative Skew
Negative Yield Curve
Negotiable Certificate of Deposit (NCD)
Net Asset Value (NAV)
Net Basis
Net Cost Of Carry
Net Exposure
Net Interest Margin
Net Margin
Net Market Value
Net Paying Securities
Net Present Value - NPV Function
Net Present Value - XNPV Function
Net Present Value (NPV)
Net Present Value Calculations
Net Redemption Yield
Network Diagram
Neutral Alpha Strategy
Neutral Geometry
Nevanlinna Theory
New Issuance
New Issue
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
Newton Raphson
Neyman Allocation
Nielsen Theory
Nikkei Index
Nil Paid Rights Price
Ninja Loans
No Arbitrage
No Arbitrage Assumption
No Cost Collar
No Touch
Noise Trader
NOMINAL - Excel Function
Nominal Amount
Nominal Interest Rate
Nominal Numbers
Nominal Principal Amount (NPA)
Nominal Rate
Nominal Scale
Nominal Spread
Nominal Total Return
Nominal Yield
Non Abelian Class Field Theory
Non Agency Mortgage Backed Securities
Non Archimedean Dynamics
Non Callable Bond
Non Classical Analysis
Non Commutative Algebraic Geometry
Non Commutative Geometry
Non Commutative Harmonic Analysis
Non Commutative Topology
Non Deliverable Assets
Non Deliverable Forwards (NDF)
Non Euclidean Geometry
Non Linear Analysis
Non Linear Derivatives
Non Linear Functional Analysis
Non Linear Regressions
Non Linear Transformation
Non Parametric Methods
Non Probability Sampling
Non Recurrent Decimals
Non Response Bias
Non Standard Analysis
Non Standard Calculus
Non Standard Swaps
Non Systematic Risk
Non Working Days Adjustment
Norm Scores
Normal Backwardation
Normal Contango
Normal Distribution
Normal Distribution - Mean
Normal Distribution - Standard
Normal Distribution - Standard Deviation
Normal Market
Normal Moments
Normal Probability Distribution
Normal Probability Function
Normal Probability Plot
Normal Probability Table
Normal Random Variable
Normal Yield Curve
Normalisation of Rates
Normality Test
Normality Test - ANOVA
Normality Test - Chi Square Test
Normality Test - Skew and Kurtosis
Note Tranching
Notional Amount Outstanding
Notional Coupon
Notional Principle
Notional Value
NPA (Nominal Principal Amount)
NPER - Excel Function
NPL (Non Performing Loans)
NPV - Excel Function
NPV (Net Present Value)
Nth to Default Baskets
Null Hypothesis
Null Set
Number Bonds
Number Bonds - Addition
Number Bonds - Subtraction
Number Facts - Addition
Number Facts - Division
Number Facts - No Working Out
Number Facts - Subtraction
Number Line
Number Theory
Numbers - Rounding 100
Numbers - Bridge Through 10
Numbers - Cardinal
Numbers - Complex
Numbers - Composite
Numbers - Continuous
Numbers - Coprime
Numbers - Decimal
Numbers - Discrete
Numbers - Dividing
Numbers - Doubling
Numbers - Estimate
Numbers - Even
Numbers - Factor Pairs
Numbers - Finding the Difference
Numbers - Fractions
Numbers - Halving
Numbers - Interval Scale
Numbers - Inverse Operations
Numbers - Irrational
Numbers - Multiplying
Numbers - Natural
Numbers - Near Doubles
Numbers - Negative
Numbers - Nominal
Numbers - Nominal Scale
Numbers - Odd
Numbers - Ordering
Numbers - Ordinal
Numbers - Ordinal Scale
Numbers - Positive
Numbers - Prime
Numbers - Range
Numbers - Ratio Scale
Numbers - Rounding
Numbers - Rounding 10
Numbers - Spread
Numerical Analysis
Numerical Geometry
Numerical Linear Algebra
Numerical Methods - Binomial Tree
Numerical Methods - Monte Carlo
Numerical Methods - Numerical Integration
Numerical Partial Differential Equation
Numerical Procedure
NY Euronext
NYMEX - Exchange
Nymex (New York Merchantile Exchange)
NYSE (New York Stock Exchange)
NYSE EuroNext
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