Quantitative Analysis and FinanceQuantitative Finance

M2M (Marked To Market)
Macauley Duration
Machine Learning
Macro - Commodities
Macro - Emerging Markets
Macro - Fixed Income
Macro - Foreign Exchange
Macro - Forex
Macro - FX
Macro - Interest Rates
Macro - Rates
Macro (Rates FX Commodities)
Macro Ecomonics
Macro Funds
Macro Hedge Fund
Macro Research
Macro Strategies
MacroBond Excel Add-in
Maintenance Margin
Major Currency
Major Economic Indices
Making a Market
Malliavin Calculus
Managed Floating
Management Fees
Managing Agents
Mandatory Liquid Asset (MLA)
Mann-Whitney Test
Manufactured Dividend
Manufactured Payment
Margin - Call
Margin - Clearing
Margin - Initial
Margin - Maintenance
Margin - Variation
Margin Call
Margin Calls - Classic Repo
Margin Calls - Sell Buy Back
Margin Hedging
Margin Loans
Margin of Error
Margin Ratio
Margin Requirements
Margin Threshold
Margin Transfer
Margin Valuation Adjustment (MVA)
Marginal Distriution
Marginal Effects
Marginal Frequency
Margins - Haircut
Mark to Hold
Mark to Holding
Mark to Market
Marked to Market
Market Capitalisation
Market Comparable Approach (MCA)
Market Conventions
Market Discipline
Market Maker
Market Model
Market Neutral Portfolio
Market Neutral Strategy
Market Participants
Market Predictions
Market Price
Market Recovery Rate
Market Risk
Market Risk - Commodity Prices
Market Risk - Equity Prices
Market Risk - Foreign Exchange
Market Risk - Interest Rates
Market Risk Capital (MRC)
Market Risk Measures
Market Risk Measures - ES
Market Risk Measures - VaR
Market Segmentation Theory
Market Spot Curve
Market Value
Markets - Capital
Markets - Credit
Markets - Currencies
Markets - Domestic
Markets - Equities
Markets - Euro
Markets - Fixed Income
Markets - Fixed Income Syndicate
Markets - Foreign Exchange
Markets - Gray
Markets - Macro
Markets - Money
Markets - Offshore
Markets - Opening Times
Markets - Order Driven
Markets - Primary
Markets - Questions
Markets - Quote Driven
Markets - Rates
Markets - Secondary
Markets Directional Bias
Markets in Financial Instruments Directive
Marking to Hold Price
Marking to Market (MTM)
Marking to Model
Markit CDX
Markit Credit Indices
Markit IBOXX
Markov Process
Markov Property
Markov Switching Multifractal
Markowitz Model
Married Put
Marsh Rosenfeld Model
Martingale Measure
Martingale Property
Martingale Representation Theorem
Martingale Theory
Mass - Measurement
Master Financial Engineering (MFE)
Matador Bond
Matched Book Trading
Matched Pairs Design
Matched Pairs T-Test
Matched Sale Purchase
Mathematical Frameworks
Mathematical Logic
Mathematical Models
Mathematical Optimization
Mathematical Physics
Mathematical Programming
Mathematical Sciences
Mathematics - Geometry
Matrix - Correlation
Matrix - Determinant
Matrix - Eigenvalue
Matrix - Eigenvector
Matrix - Identity
Matrix - Jacobian
Matrix - Scalar
Matrix - Singular
Matrix Algebra
Matrix Calculus
Matrix Dimension
Matrix Inverse
Matrix Multiplication
Matrix Operations
Matrix Order
Matrix Rank
Matrix Theory
Matrix Transpose
Matroid Theory
Maturity Date
Maturity Status
MBA (Mortgage Bankers Association)
MBS - Agency
MBS - Commerical
MBS - Non Agency
MBS - Residential
MBS (Mortgage Backed Securities)
MCA (Market Comparables Approach)
MDURATION - Excel Function
Mean - Arithmetic
Mean - Binomial Distribution
Mean - Geometric
Mean - Harmonic
Mean - Normal Distribution
Mean - Poisson Distribution
Mean - Simple
Mean - Weighted
Mean Deviation
Mean Returns
Mean Reversion
Mean Reverting
Mean Square Error
Mean Value Theorem
Mean Variance Portfolio Theory
Mean-Square Limit
Measure of Linear Dependence
Measure of Spread
Measure Theory
Measurement - Density
Measurement - Length
Measurement - Mass
Measurement - Temperature
Measurement - Volume
Measurement Scales
Measures - Association
Measures - Asymmetry
Measures - Central Tendency
Measures - Dispersion
Measures - Location
Measures - Quantiles
Measures - Spread
Measures - Tail Concentration
Measures of Association
Measures of Association - Correlation
Measures of Central Tendency
Measures of Central Tendency - Arithmetic Mean
Measures of Central Tendency - Geometric
Measures of Central Tendency - Harmonic
Measures of Central Tendency - Mean
Measures of Central Tendency - Median
Measures of Central Tendency - Midrange
Measures of Central Tendency - Mode
Measures of Central Tendency - Root Mean Square
Measures of Central Tendency - Weighted
Measures of Dispersion
Measures of Dispersion - Box Plot
Measures of Dispersion - Coefficient
Measures of Dispersion - Mean Deviation
Measures of Dispersion - Percentiles
Measures of Dispersion - Quartiles
Measures of Dispersion - Range
Measures of Dispersion - Standard Deviation
Measures of Dispersion - Standard Score
Measures of Dispersion - Variance
Measures of Length
Measures of Location
Measures of Location - Geometric Mean
Measures of Location - Harmonic Mean
Measures of Location - Mean
Measures of Location - Median
Measures of Location - Midrange
Measures of Location - Mode
Measures of Location - Weighted Average
Measures of Spread
Measures of Spread - Box Plot
Measures of Spread - Coefficient
Measures of Spread - Mean Deviation
Measures of Spread - Percentiles
Measures of Spread - Quartiles
Measures of Spread - Range
Measures of Spread - Standard Deviation
Measures of Spread - Standard Score
Measures of Spread - Variance
Measuring - Length
Measuring - Mass
Measuring - Money
Measuring - Time
Measuring - Weight
Measuring Convexity
Measuring Default Rates
Measuring Yield
Median Reverting
Median Spread Differential
Medium Term Notes (MTN)
Merchant Banks
Merger - Corporate Action
Mergers and Acquisitions
Mesokurtic Distribution
Method of Least Squares
Metical - Currency
Metric Geometry
MEY (Mortgage Equivalent Yield)
Mezzanine Debt
Mezzanine Tranches
MFE (Master Financial Engineering)
MI (Market Information)
Micro Economics
Microlocal Analysis
Mid Price
Mid Rate
Middle Office
Minimum Acceptable Rate of Return
Minimum Capital Requirements
Minimum Lending Rate
Minor Currencies
MIRR - Excel Function
Missing Number Sums
Mitigating Risk
Mixed Numbers
MLA (Mandatory Liquid Asset)
Mm - Million
MMULT - Excel Function
MO (Middle Office)
Model Price
Model Risk
Model Theory
Model Validation
Models - Arbitrage Free
Models - Asset Pricing
Models - Attribution
Models - Beer
Models - Binomial Option Pricing
Models - Bivariate
Models - Black
Models - Black Karasinki
Models - Black Karasinski 2 Factor
Models - Black Scholes
Models - Brennan And Schwartz
Models - Capital Asset Pricing
Models - Constant Elasticity of Variance
Models - Continuous
Models - Cox Ingersoll Ross
Models - Cox Ross Rubinstein
Models - Credit
Models - Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)
Models - Discrete
Models - Equilibrium
Models - Ho and Lee
Models - Hull White
Models - Interest Rate
Models - Jump Diffusion
Models - Lognormal
Models - Marsh Rosenfeld
Models - Momentum Based
Models - Multi Factor
Models - Multivariate
Models - No Arbitrage
Models - Normal
Models - One Factor
Models - Questions
Models - Reduced Form
Models - Relative Value
Models - Short Rate
Models - Statistical Probability
Models - Stochastic Volatility
Models - Structured
Models - Transaction Structuring
Models - Univariate
Models - Vasicek
Models - WACC
Models - Waterfall
Models - Weighted Average Cost of Capital
Modern Algebra
Modern Algebraic Geometry
Modern Invariant Theory
Modified Business Day Convention
Modified Convexity
Modified Duration
Modified Following
Modified Restructuring
Modified Yield to Maturity
Modular Representation Theory
Module Theory
MOF (Ministry Of Finance)
Molecular Geometry
Momemtum Based Models
Moments - First
Moments - Fourth
Moments - Kurtosis
Moments - Mean
Moments - Second
Moments - Skew
Moments - Skewness
Moments - Standard Deviation
Moments - Third
Moments - Variance
Monetary Policy
Monetary Policy Committee (MPC)
Money At Call
Money Broker
Money Laundering
Money Market
Money Market Basis
Money Market Debt
Money Market Deposits
Money Market Instruments
Money Market Rate Basis
Money Market Yield
Money Markets
Money Weighted Rate Of Return
Moneyness - Options
Monotonic Relationship
Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo - VAR
Monte Carlo Simulation
Monty Hall Problem
Moodys Ratings
Moosmuller Yield - Bonds
Morningstar Add-in
Morse Theory
Mortgage Backed Bonds
Mortgage Backed Securities - Accrual Bonds
Mortgage Backed Securities - Commerical
Mortgage Backed Securities - IO/PO Bonds
Mortgage Backed Securities - Residential
Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS)
Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA)
Mortgage Equivalent Yield (MEY)
Mortgage Linked Assets
Mortgage Swap
Mortgages - Average Life
Mortgages - Constant Maturity
Mortgages - Hybrid ARM
Mortgages - Interest Only
Mortgages - Negative Amortization
Mortgages - Non Prime
Mortgages - Path Dependent
Mortgages - SIV
Mortgages - SVR
Motivic Cohomology
Moving Average
MPC (Monetary Policy Committee)
MRC (Market Risk Capital)
MSCI World Index
MSN Stock Quotes
MTM (Marking To Market)
MTN (Medium Term Notes)
Multi Asset Options
Multi Average Options
Multi Calendar Trades
Multi Curve Building
Multi Curves
Multi Factor Models
Multi Factor Risk Models
Multi Factor Short Rate Model
Multi Name - CDS
Multi Step Binomial Tree
Multi Variate Distributions
Multilateral Netting
Multilinear Algebra
Multinomial Distribution
Multinomial Experiement
Multipication Rule
Multiple Option Facility
Multiple Regression
Multiple Settlement
Multiple-Scale Analysis
Multiplication - Maths
Multiplication = Repeated Addition
Multiplicative Inverse
Multiplicative Inverse - Reciprocal
Multiplicative Number Theory
Multiplying Decimals
Multiplying Fractions
Multistage Sampling
Multivariable Calculus
Multivariate Data
Municipal Bonds
Municipal Securities
Mutual Funds
Mutually Exclusive
MVA (Margin Valuation Adjustment)
MXN - Currency
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