Quantitative Analysis and FinanceQuantitative Finance

Rachet Options
Radius - Circle
Radius of Curvature
Radon-Nikodym Derivative
Rainbow Options
Raising Money
Ramsey Theory
Random Behaviour
Random Motion
Random Number Generation - Excel
Random Number Table
Random Numbers
Random Process - Branching
Random Process - Brownian Motion
Random Process - Donsker Theorem
Random Process - Gaussian
Random Process - Markov Process
Random Process - One Dimensional
Random Process - Regular Lattice
Random Process - Wiener Process
Random Sampling
Random Sampling - Quasi
Random Variables
Random Walk
Random Walk - Arithmetic
Random Walk - Continuous
Random Walk - Driftless
Random Walk - Geomatric
Random Walk - Lognormal
Random Walk - Mean Reverting
Random Walk - Normal
Random Walk - Real
Random Walk - Risk Neutral
Random Walk - Trinomial
Random Walk Theory
Random Walks
Random Weiner Process
Range Accrual Steepeners
Range Accruals
Range Forward Contract
Range Notes
RAROC (Risk Adjusted Return on Capital)
RATE - Excel Function
Rate Index
Rate Index - LIBOR
Rate Index - PRIME
Rate Index - TIBOR
Rate of Recovery
Rate of Return - Arithmetic Average
Rate of Return - Dollar Weighted
Rate of Return - Geometric Average
Rate of Return - Internal
Rate of Return - Money Weighted
Rate of Return - Time Weighted
Rate Resets
Rate Swaps (IRS)
Rates - Fixed
Rates - Floating
Rates - Government Bonds
Rates - Interest Rates
Rates - Libor
Rates - Prime
Rating Agencies - Fitch
Rating Agencies - Moodys
Rating Agencies - S&P
Rating Sensitive Note
Ratings - Bonds
Ratings - Fitch
Ratings - Moodys
Ratings - S&P
Ratings Transition Matrix
Ratio Call Spread
Ratio Put Spread
Ratio Scale
Ratio Spread
Ratio Variables
Rational Geometry
Rational Numbers
Rational Pricing Assumptions
Rational Trigonometry
Ratios - Companies
Ratios - Debt to Income
Ratios - PB (Price to Book)
Ratios - PE (Price to Earnings)
Ratios - Price to Book
Ratios - Price to Earnings
Ratios - Price to Forward Earnings
RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia)
RCB (Regulated Covered Bond)
Real Algebra
Real Algebraic Geometry
Real Analysis
Real Analytic Geometry
Real Effective Interest Rate
Real Estate Investment Trusts
Real Interest Rate
Real K-Theory
Real Rate of Interest
Real Rates of Return
Realised Gain
Realised Loss
Realised P&L
Realised Yield
RECEIVED - Excel Function
Receiver Swaption
Reciprocal - Multiplicative Inverse
Reciprocal Gamma Distribution
Reciprocal Rate
Record Date
Recovery Amount
Recovery Rate
Recovery Rate - Credit Risk
Recovery Rate (RR)
Recreational Mathematics
Rectangle Distribution
Recursion Theory
RED (Reference Entity Database)
Red Chip
Red Code - CDS
Red Herring
Redemption Price
Redemption Schedule
Redemption Value
Redemption Yield
Redemption Yield - Gross
Redemption Yield - Net
Reduced Row Echelon Form
Reference Asset
Reference Data
Reference Entity
Reference Entity Database (RED)
Reference Obligation
Reference Rate
Refinancing Ratio
Refinitiv Excel Add-in
Refinitiv Excel Function - RHistory
Refinitiv Excel Function - RtGet
Refinitiv Excel Function - TR
Region of Acceptance
Region of Rejection
Registered Bonds
Registered Securities
Regression Analysis
Regression Coefficient
Regression Equations - Linear
Regression Equations - Non Linear
Regression Line
Regression Models - Probit
Regressions - Cross-Sectional
Regressions - Exponential
Regressions - Linear
Regressions - Non Linear
Regressions - Robust
Regular Polyhedrons
Regulated Covered Bond (RCB)
Regulation - Basel Accords
Regulation - Basel I
Regulation - Basel II
Regulation - Basel III
Regulation - Capital Requirements
Regulation - Dodd Frank
Regulation - EMIR
Regulation - FINRA
Regulation - FRTB
Regulation - FRTB
Regulation - IFRS 13
Regulation - IRFS 9
Regulation - Market Discipline
Regulation - MiFID
Regulation - MiFID II
Regulation - Minimum Capital Requirements
Regulation - Regulatory Supervision
Regulation - SEC Proposed
Regulation - Solvency II
Regulatory Supervision
Reinvestment Rates
Reinvestment Risk
REIT (Real Estate Investment Trusts)
Reject Null Hypothesis
Relationships - Duration vs Convexity
Relationships - Duration vs Coupon
Relationships - Duration vs Maturity
Relationships - Yield vs Maturity
Relative Cumulative Frequency
Relative Frequency
Relative Strength Indicator (RSI)
Relative Valuation
Relative Value - Regression Models
Relative Value (RV)
Renminbi - Currency
Repayment Mortgage
Repayment Probability
Repayment Risk
Repeated Addition = Multiplication
Repeated Hits
Repeated-Measures ANOVA
Repetitive Order
Replacement Risk
Replacement Valuation Adjustment (RVA)
Repo - Close Out and Repricing
Repo - Lending
Repo - Rate
Repo (Repurchase Agreement)
Repo Collateral
Repo Rate
Repo Rate - Implied
Repo To Maturity
Repo Transactions
Repo vs Sell Buy Back
Reporting Currency
Repos - Bonds
Repos - Equity
Repos - Haircut
Repos - Reverse
Repos - Stock
Representation Theory
Repurchase Agreement - Coupon Payments
Repurchase Agreement - Cross Currency
Repurchase Agreement - Haircut
Repurchase Agreement - Margin Call
Repurchase Agreement - Repo Rate
Repurchase Agreement - Reverse
Repurchase Agreement (REPO)
Repurchase Agreements - Bonds
Repurchase Agreements - Equities
Repurchase Price
Repurchase Rate
Reputational Risk
Request For Quote (RFQ)
Required Rate of Return
Required Yield
Research Analyst - Debt
Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Reserved Currencies - SDR
Reset Adjustment
Reset Calendar
Reset Dates
Reset Days
Reset Lag
Reset Margin
Reset Offset
Reset Rate
Reset Rate Date
Reset Rate Status
Resets - Floating Rates
Residential Mortgage Backed Security
Residual Plot
Residual Return
Residual Risk
Residual Standard Error
Residual Variance
Response Bias
Retail Banking
Retail Prices Index (RPI)
Retained Earnings
Retained Profits
Retractable Bond
Return - Active
Return - Alpha
Return - Average
Return - Beta
Return - Dollar
Return - Excess
Return - Passive
Return - Weighted
Return On Assets
Return On Capital Employed (ROCE)
Return On Equity (ROE)
Return On Investment (ROI)
Return On Money
Return On Risk Adjusted Capital (RORAC)
Return Purchase Agreement
Reverse - Trade
Reverse Floating Rate Loan
Reverse Floating Swap
Reverse Flow Forecasting
Reverse FRN
Reverse Knock In Option
Reverse Knock Out Options
Reverse Mergers
Reverse Rebook - Trade
Reverse Repo
Reverse Repo - Selling
Reverse Repo vs Buy Sell Back
Reverse Repurchase Agreement
Reverse Split
Reverse Takeover
Reverse To Maturity
Reverse Valuation
Reversible Swap
Reversing - Differentiation
Reversing Swaps
Reversion Level
Revolver Bond
Revolving Credit
Revolving Credit Lines
Revolving Loan
RFQ (Request for Quote)
RFR (Risk Free Rate)
Rho - Greeks
Rho of Holding Cost Rate
Rho of Rate
Rho of Recovery Rate
Riemann Integral
Riemann Stieltjes
Riemann Sum
Riemann Theta Function
Rights Issue
Rights Issue - Corporate Action
Risk - Basis
Risk - Call
Risk - Capital
Risk - Capital Loss
Risk - Conduct
Risk - Contingent
Risk - Financial
Risk - Interest Rate
Risk - Legal
Risk - Leverage
Risk - Model
Risk - Prepayment
Risk - Questions
Risk - Reinvestment
Risk - Reputational
Risk - Reversal
Risk - Settlement
Risk - Settlement - Exchanges
Risk - Systematic
Risk - Treasury
Risk - Unsystematic
Risk Adjusted Assets
Risk Adverse
Risk Appetite
Risk Asset Ratio
Risk Factor
Risk Free Bonds
Risk Free Interest Rate
Risk Free Rate
Risk Free Rate - LIBOR
Risk Free Rate (RFR)
Risk Free Return
Risk Management
Risk Measurement - Sensitivity Analysis
Risk Measurement - Statistical Analysis
Risk Measures - Beta
Risk Measures - Duration
Risk Neutral Measure
Risk Neutral Probabilities
Risk Neutral Srift
Risk Neutral Trades
Risk Neutral Valuation
Risk Neutral World
Risk Neutrality
Risk Not in VaR (RNIV)
Risk of Default
Risk Premium
Risk Profiles
Risk Reversal
Risk Reversal - Cylinder
Risk Reward Ratio
Risk Types - Counterparty
Risk Types - Credit
Risk Types - Credit - Counterparties
Risk Types - Default
Risk Types - Geopolitical
Risk Types - Liquidity
Risk Types - Market
Risk Types - Operational
Risk Types - Regulatory
Risk Types - Supply and Demand
Risk Types - Volatility
Risk Types - Weather
Risk Weighted Assets (RWA)
Risk-Free Rate
Risk-Mitigating Hedging
RNIV (Risk Not In VaR)
Robust Regression
ROCE (Return On Capital Employed)
ROE (Return on Equity)
ROI (Return on Investment)
Roll Back
Roll Down Yield
Roll on Forwards
Roller Coaster Swap
Rolling Average
Rolling Over
Rolling Settlement
Rollover Periods
Roman Numerals
Roman Numerals
RORAC (Return On Risk Adjusted Capital)
Round Tripping
Round Tripping Arbitrage
Rounding Errors
Row Echelon Form
Row Echelon Form - Reduced
Row Vector
RPI (Retail Price Index)
RPI Inflation Rate
RR (Recovery Rate)
RSI (Relative Strength Indicator)
RtGet - Excel Function
RtGet - Refinitiv Excel Function
Runge Kutta
Running Cost
Running Yield
Russell 2000 Index
Russell 3000 Index
RV (Relative Value)
RVA (Replacement Valuation Adjustment)
RWA (Risk Weighted Assets)
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