Quantitative Analysis and FinanceQuantitative Finance

P&L Attribution
P&L Decomposition
P&L Explain
P&L Realised
P&L Unexplained
P&L Unrealised
P-Adic Analysis
P-Adic Dynamics
P-Adic Hodge Theory
Paired Data
Paired T-Test
Pairwise Correlations
Par Bond Rate
Par Bonds
Par CDS Spread
Par Curve
Par Forward Rate
Par Frequency
Par Swap
Par Swap Rate
Par Value
Par Yield
Par Yield Curve
Parabolic Geometry
Parabolic Partial Differential Equations
Parabolic Rule
Paraconsistent Mathematics
Parallel Boxplots
Parallel Loans
Parallel Shift
Parametric Statistical Tests
Parametric Statistics
Parametric Technique - Product Moment
Parametric Test - ANOVA
Parametric Test - T-Test
Parametric Tests
Parentian Distribution
Pareto Analysis
Pareto Distribution
Parisian Options
Parity - Convertible Bonds
Partial Delivery
Partial Differential Calculus
Partial Differential Equation (PDE)
Partial Fill
Partial Maturity
Partial Sampling
Partial Sell Down
Partial Settlement
Partial Sum
Partially Unwound
Participating Bank
Participating Forward
Participating Loans
Participating Preferred Stock
Particle Theory
Partition Theory
Pass Through Securities
Passive Funds
Passive Return
Path Dependency
Path Dependent Mortgages
Path Dependent Options
Pay Later Options
Pay Through
Payer Swaption
Paying Off Bonds
Payment Date
Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)
Payments - CHAPS
Payments - CHIPS
Payments - Fedwire
Payoff Diagram
Payoff Diagram - Discretized
Payoff Profiles
PB (Prime Broker)
PB Ratio
PCA (Principal Component Analysis)
PCA Fair Value
PDB (Pure Discount Bond)
PDE (Partial Differential Equation)
PDF (Probability Distribution Function)
PE (Potential Exposure)
PE (Price Earnings)
PE Ratio
Pearson Product-Moment Correlation
Pearsons Product Momentum
Peg Ratio
Pension Funds
Pensions - Defined Benefit
Pensions - Final Salary
PEP (Personal Equity Plan)
PER (Property Expense Ratio)
Percent Volatility
Percentage Conversion Return
Percentage-of-LIBOR Swaptions
Percentile Rank
Performance Bonds
Performance Fees
Performance Measure
Performance Measures - Appraisal
Performance Measures - Jensen
Performance Measures - Multi Index
Performance Measures - Sharpe
Performance Measures - Single Index
Performance Measures - Treynor
Performance Ratios
Perpetual Bonds
Perpetual FRNs
Perpetual Warrants
Personal Equity Plan (PEP)
Personal Investment Company (PIC)
Personal Investment Vehicle (PIV)
Perturbation Theory
PFE (Potential Future Exposure)
Phases in Trade Life Cycle
Phi - Greeks
Picard-Vessiot Theory
Pictorial Representations
Pip = 0.01%
Place Value
Plain Vanilla
Plain Vanilla Swap
Plane Geometry
Platykurtic Distribution
PLCR (Project Life Coverage Ratio)
PMT - Excel Function
PnL Attribution
PnL Explain
PnL Unexplained
Point and Figure Charts
Point Estimate
Point of Inflection
Pointless Topology
Point-Set Topology
Poison Pill
Poisson Distribution
Poisson Distribution - Mean
Poisson Distribution - Standard Deviation
Poisson Geometry
Poisson Probability
Poisson Processes
Poisson Random Variable
Polor Coordinates
Polyhedral Combinatorics
Polyhedral Geometry
Polynomial Functions
Polynomial Regression
Population - Samples
Population Distribution
Population Mean
Portfolio - Delta Neutral
Portfolio - Mean
Portfolio - Optimisation
Portfolio - Variance
Portfolio Default Swap
Portfolio Default Swap Tranches
Portfolio Duration
Portfolio Immunization
Portfolio Insurance
Portfolio Internal Rate of Return
Portfolio Management
Portfolio Optimisation
Portfolio Period Return (PPR)
Portfolio Reconciliation
Portfolio Sensitivity Testing
Portfolio Theory
Portfolio Theory - CAPM
Portfolio Theory - Mean Variance
Portfolio Theory - Single Factor Model
Portfolio Variance
Portfolio Yield
Position - Cost of Carry
Position Keeping
Position Limit
Position Risk
Positions - Long
Positions - Short
Positive Carry
Positive Convexity
Positive Skew
Positive Yield Curve
Possibility Theory
Post Allocation
Post Trade Checks
Post Trade Process
Post Trade Processing
Post Trade vs Pre Trade
Potential Future Exposure (PFE)
Potential Theory
Pound - Currency
Pound Sterling
Power Option
Power Rule
Power Series
PPC (Prospectus Prepayment Curve)
PPI (Payment Protection Insurance)
PPMT - Excel Function
PPP (Purchasing Power Parity)
PPR (Portfolio Period Return)
PRA (Prudential Regulation Authority)
Pre Allocation
Pre Settlement Status
Pre Trade Analysis
Pre Trade Charting
Pre Trade Checks
Pre Trade Process
Pre Trade Processing
Pre Trade Screening
Pre Trade vs Post Trade
Pre Value Date Statuses
Precious Metals
Predicative Mathematics
Predicted Tracking Error
Predictive Analytics - Regression Analysis
Preference Shares
Preferred Shares
Preferred Stock
Preferred Stock - Cumulative
Preferred Stock - Fixed
Preferred Stock - Floating
Preferred Stock - Non Cumulative
Preferred Stock - Perpetuity
Premium - Options
Premium Bond
Premium Currencies
Premium Determinants
Premium Payments
Premium Ratio (Options)
Premium vs Volatility
Prepay Lockout
Prepay Penalty
Prepayment Function
Prepayment Measures
Prepayment Model
Prepayment Risk - MBS
Present Value - NPV Function
Present Value - PV Function
Present Value - XNPV Function
Present Value (PV)
Present Value Calculations
Present Value Cashflow
Pre-Trade Market Monitors
Previous Business Day Convention
Price - Accounting
Price - Ask
Price - Bid
Price - Buy
Price - Clean
Price - Dirty
PRICE - Excel Function
Price - External
Price - Flat
Price - Internal
Price - Last
Price - Market
Price - Offer
Price - Sell
Price - Settlement
Price - Street
Price - Transactional
Price / Yield Function
Price / Yield Relationship
Price Book Ratio
Price Differential
Price Earnings (PE)
Price Factor
Price in a Desmond
Price Model
Price Sensitivities - Option Free Bonds
Price Strike
Price to Book Ratio
Price Value of a Basis Point (PVBP)
Price Volatility
Price Volatility - Option Free Bonds
Price Volatility = Change in Price
Price Weighted Indices
Price Yield Equation
Price Yield Formula
Price Yield Function
Price Yield Relationship
PRICEDISC - Excel Function
PRICEMAT - Excel Function
Pricing - Bonds
Pricing - Forward Rate Agreements
Pricing - Forward Rates
Pricing - Forwards
Pricing - Futures
Pricing - Interest Rate Futures
Pricing - Interest Rate Swaps
Pricing - Options
Pricing - Swaps
Pricing Derivatives
Pricing Rate
Pricing Swaps
Pricing Vanilla Options
Primary Instrument
Primary Issuance
Primary Market
Prime Broker (PB)
Prime Interest Rate
Prime Notation
Prime Number
Prime Rate
Prime Services
Principal Amount
Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
Principal Only (PO)
Private Bank
Private Banking
Private Equity
Private Sector Involvement (PSI)
Probabilistic Combinatorics
Probabilistic Graph Theory
Probabilistic Number Theory
Probabilistic Sampling
Probability - Addition
Probability - Bayes Theorem
Probability - Combinations
Probability - Compound EVents
Probability - Conditional
Probability - Cumulative
Probability - Donsker Theorem
Probability - Monty Hall
Probability - Multiplication
Probability - Permutations
Probability - Simple
Probability - Three Prisoners Problem
Probability Density
Probability Density Function (PDF) - Continuous
Probability Distribution Function - Continuous
Probability Distribution Function - Discrete
Probability Distribution Functions - CDF
Probability Distribution Functions - PDF
Probability Distribution Functions - PMF
Probability Distributions
Probability Distributions - Continuous
Probability Distributions - Discrete
Probability Mass Function (PMF) - Discrete
Probability Rules - Addition
Probability Rules - Multiplying
Probability Sampling
Probability Spaces
Probability Theory
Probit Regression Models
Problem Recognition
Processes - Brownian Motion
Processes - Wiener
Product Compliance
Product Moment Coefficient
Product Rule - Differentation
Product Types
Profit Diagram
Profitability Index
Profits - Notional
Profits - Realised
Profits - Unrealised
Program Trading
Programming - Quadratic
Programming Languages - C#
Programming Languages - C++
Programming Languages - F#
Programming Languages - JavaScript
Programming Languages - Matlab
Programming Languages - Octave
Programming Languages - PowerShell
Programming Languages - Python
Programming Languages - R
Programming Languages - S plus
Programming Languages - VBA
Progress Payment Bond
Progressions - Arithmetic
Progressions - Geometric
Progressions - Hypergeometric
Project Life Coverage Ratio (PLCR)
Projected Earnings Growth (PEG)
Projective Differential Geometry
Projective Geometry
Promised Yields
Promissary Notes
Prompt Date
Prompt Month
Proof Theory
Prop Trading
Proper Fractions
Properties of Shapes
Property Expense Ratio (PER)
Proportionate Stratification
Proprietary Trading
Prospective Dividend
Prospectus Prepayment Curve (PPC)
Protection - Buying
Protection - Selling
Protection Buyers
Protection Premium
Protection Sellers
Protective Put
Provisions - Bonds
Proxy Bonds
Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA)
Pseudo-Riemannian Geometry
PSI (Private Sector Intitiative)
PSI (Private Sector Involvement)
Public Order Member
Public Sector Borrowing
Pull to Redemption
Purchase Price
Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)
Pure Discount Bond (PDB)
Pure Expectations Theory
Pure Mathematics
Put Bonds
Put Call Relationships
Put Ladder
Put Option
Put Spread
Put Spread vs Call
Put Spreads
Putable Range Accrual Notes
Put-Call Parity
Put-Call Symmetry
Puttable Bond
Puttable Swap
PV - Excel Function
PV (Present Value)
PV01 - Asset Backed Securities
PV01 - Bonds
PV01 - Futures
PV01 - Options
PV01 - Swaps
PVBP (Price Value of a Basis Point)
Python Programming
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