Lookup Multiple Criteria

A quick solution is to add an additional column which is a concatenation of the columns you want to match
The formulas below can be used when you do not want to insert an additional column.
returns a value in the same row after finding matching values in two columns

Additional Column (large data sets)

For very large data sets you should always insert an additional (helper) column to avoid performance problems.

2 Criteria (INDEX, MATCH)

2 Criteria (SUMPRODUCT)

2 Criteria (LOOKUP)

2 Criteria (VLOOKUP, CHOOSE)

3 Criteria (INDEX, MATCH)

Two Criteria - IF Function

Lets assume we have got the following table and we want to return the Price corresponding to the sector "Retail" and the area code "G3".

alt text

={INDEX(D3:D13,MATCH("Retail",IF(C3:C13="G3",B3:B13),0))} =

Two Criteria - String Concatenation

This is often a preferred method as it does not include nested IF functions.

={INDEX(D3:D13,MATCH("Retails"&"G3",B3:B13&C3:C13,0))} =

Two Column Lookup

The MATCH function can be used to lookup values in a table based on matching values in two columns.
The MATCH function returns the position of a value in a list

One Column Matching

You can find out more details about how to use the MATCH function on this page

Two Column Matching

Lets consider the following table where we want to return the department of a specific individual, matching on first name and last name
{MATCH("David" & "Smith",B3:B14&C3:C14,0)} = 4
Once we know which row matches we can combine this function with the INDEX function to return the intersection of this row with the column containing the department

{=INDEX(D3:D14,MATCH("David" & "Smith",B3:B14&C3:C14,0) ) }


To make this type of two way lookup simpler to maintain you might want to create a named range for the whole table and then use a formula that refers to that named range.
Lets assume you have the following table and the highlighted cells have the named range "NamedRange".
SS - above with cells highlighted
={INDEX(NamedRange, MATCH("Leeds", INDEX(NamedRange,,1),0),MATCH("Bristol",INDEX(NamedRange,1),))}

Two Critera - Multiplication


Three Criteria - IF Function

are these embedded ?
do you have to use an embedded if ?

Three Criteria - String Concatenation

Three Critera - Multiplication

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