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Add a Windows form usercontrol
Add the reference System.Windows.FormsIntegration

This window holds a list of controls that you can drag onto the forms. There are different sets of controls available, depending on the type of designer that is active, ie Windows Forms, Web Forms, XML document. If you wish to customise which tools are dipsplayed in the toolbox, or if you wish to add any additional .NET components, ActiveX controls or third party conttrols, click (Tools > Customise Toolbar)
There are several categories on the Toolbox

Docking of a control to the top, left, right or bottom of the container. You can also set the Dock property to DockStyle.Fill which will adjust the control to fill the container.

The Format menu allows you to:
Lock the controls on a form
Align selected controls with the primary control
Resize controls to the dimensions of the control selected last
Make equal, increase, decrease or rmeove the horizontal spacing between controls

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