ActivateEventOccurs when this worksheet is selected. This replaces the earlier Activate event because there is already a worksheet method called Activate.
BeforeDoubleClick (VBA)Occurs before any cell on this worksheet is double clicked.
BeforeRightClick (VBA)Occurs before any cell is right mouse clicked.
BindingContextChangedNot to be used directly
Calculate (VBA)Occurs before any cell on this worksheet is re-calculated.
Change (VBA)Occurs when any cell on this worksheet is changed either by the user or by an external link. This event is not fired if the value changes as the result of a calculation.
Deactivate (VBA)Occurs when the user moves focus to another worksheet. This event does not fire when the user moves between two windows displaying the same worksheet.
FollowHyperLink (VBA)Occurs when ??
PivotTableUpdate (VBA)Occurs after a pivottable report is updated on a worksheet.
SelectionChange (VBA)Occurs when the selection is changed on the worksheet.
ShutdownOccurs when the worksheet class unloads
StartupOccurs when the worksheet class is initialised

Worksheet - Activate

Activate is the name of both a method and an event.

((Excel.DocEvents_Event)gApplicationExcel.ActiveWorksheet).Activate += 
   new Excel.DocEvents_ActivateEventHandler(Event_WorksheetActivate);
public void Event_WorksheetActivate()

Addhandler CType(gApplicationExcel.ActiveWorksheet, Excel.DocEvents_Event).Activate 

Worksheet - Calculate

Calculate is the name of both a method and an event.

((Excel.DocEvents_Event)gApplicationExcel.ActiveWorksheet).Calculate += 
    new Excel.DocEvents_CalculateEventHandler(Event_WorksheetCalculate);
public void Event_WorksheetCalculate()

Addhandler CType(gApplicationExcel.ActiveWorksheet, Excel.DocEvents_Event).Calculate 

This list is slightly different to the VBA Events

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