HYPERLINK(link_location [,friendly_name])

Returns the hyperlink linked to a cell, document or webpage.

link_locationThe path and file name to the document to be opened as text.
friendly_name(Optional) The jump text or numeric value that is displayed in the cell.

* The "link_location" can be a text string enclosed in quotation marks or a cell that contains the link as a text string.
* The "link_location" cannot be more than 250 characters.
* The "link_location" can refer to a specific cell or named range in a Microsoft Excel workbook, or to a bookmark in a Microsoft Word document.
* The "link_location" can refer to a file stored on a hard disk drive, or on a server.
* The "link_location" can refer to a URL on the Internet (or an intranet).
* The "friendly_name" can be a value, a text string, a name, or a cell that contains the jump text or value.
* The "friendly_name" is displayed in blue and is underlined.
* If "friendly_name" is left blank, the cell displays the "link_location" as the jump text.
* If "friendly_name" returns an error value (for example, #VALUE!), the cell displays the error instead of the jump text.
* If "link_location" does not exist or cannot be found or navigated, then an error appears when you click on the cell.
* To select a cell that contains a hyperlink click a cell next to the cell, and then use an arrow key to move to the cell.
* This function will always be single threaded.
* You can use the CONCAT function to return the text string that is a concatenation of cell ranges and strings.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to support.microsoft.com
* For the Google documentation refer to support.google.com

1=HYPERLINK("https://url.com", "Click here") = Click hereC:\Temp\text.txt
2=HYPERLINK("C:\Temp\text.txt", "Display Name") = Display NameC:\Temp\
3=HYPERLINK(B1, "Display Name") = Display Nametext.txt
4=HYPERLINK(B2&B3, "Display Name") = Display Name 
5=HYPERLINK(B2&B3) = C:\Temp\text.txt 

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