Shortcut Keys

(Ctrl + "K") - Checks the names in the To, Cc and Bcc boxes
(Alt + "K") - compares the email address with those in the address book
(Ctrl + Enter) - sends the email


(Preferences, Email Options, Advanced, Display a New Mail Desktop Alert)
(Other tab, Advanced Options, Warn before permanently deleting items)

Folder Sizes - Right lick on Mail Box and select Properties - folder size button

Shading emails - only possible in Outlook 2007

Sending an Email
The To box will not autocomplete unless you have sent an email to that person before
Although you can press Tab and wait for the person to be found.

(Tools > Email Accounts)(Next > Change)
When you have a microsoft exchange server use "cached exchange mode"

Outlook is very important and will be one of the leading forms of business communication in the years to come

Filtering your e-mails - automatically into the correct folders
Maintaining your lists
Creating different Auto signature
Tools / Options / Mail Format tab / Signature folder
Distribution lists - creating a personal one
Additions SMTP

Creating short cuts
Printing out the members
Adding reminders for yourself
MAPI stands for Message Application Programming Interface

Calendar file - outlook.pst

Outlook is an integrated mail and scheduling package.
You can use it to send and receive emails, keep a calendar for yourself and others, store names and addresses, keep track of tasks, review your work history and make notes.

Outlook Containers:
Calendar - allows you to keep track of appointments and schedule meetings with other users.
Contacts - allows you to keep track of your contacts
Deleted Items - any items that have been deleted are placed here
Inbox - any items that have been sent to you will appear here
Journal - keeps track of work that you have completed
Notes - allows you to write notes to yourself
Outbox - if you are a remote user this will show you any emails pending to be sent
Sent Items - show you any items that you have sent.
Tasks - keeps track of outstanding tasks
Personal/Public folders - these are other areas where items can be stored.

To view the content of a container just click on the icon in the container area.
use the shortcut bar on the left hand side.
containers can have subfolders.
any container that contains any unread items is displayed in bold and has the number of unread items displayed next to it.

Change it to Medium is enough to still prompt you when you automatically send an email in code

You can only avoid the "Prompt" by writing a COM Add-in
It cannot be avoided by using VBA code

How can I change the reply format so that I always reply in HTML
When replying or forwarding an email that is in plain text it will always be in plain text
Outlook does not offer a way to always use a specific format when you are replying ot forwarding
You can either change it on every message or write code to change it automatically.

Creating an email can be done in many different ways.
The email screen exists in its own window and hence has its own set of toolbars and tools options.

You can either type the email addresses directly or you can use your address book.
press Alt + K to compre the name with one in the address book.

Cc - Carbon Copy - people whom you are sending copies of the message to.
Bcc - Blind Carbob Copy - send the message to the list but do not disclose their names to the members of the To and Cc boxes.
The Bcc field is only recognised by Outlook. If you send a mesasge to a recipient who does not use Outlook that recipient will be able to see the contents , and other packages will be able to see the contents of the Bcc field.

You can format the message using the Formatting toolbar.

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