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Radial Diagrams
Raster Graphics
Read Only
Rearranging Slides
Recently Used Files
Recolour ClipArt
Recolour Pictures
Record Macro
Record Narrations
Recording Macro
Recording Tab
Reduced Functionality Mode
Reducing Resolution
Registry Keys
Rehearsal Toolbar
Rehearse Timings
Relative to Slide
Removing an Add-in
Removing Animations
Removing Slides
Rename Template
Repeating Slide Show
Replace Occurrences
Replacing Fonts
Replacing Images
Research Task Pane
Resize Images
Resizing Diagrams
Resizing Objects
Resizing Shapes
Reuse Slides
Reusing Slides
Review Changes
Review Tab
Reviewing Presentations
Reviewing Toolbar
Revisions Pane
Revisions Task Pane Gallery
Ribbon - Add-ins Tab
Ribbon - Animations Tab
Ribbon - Custom UI Editor
Ribbon - Design Tab
Ribbon - Design Tab - SmartArt Tools
Ribbon - Developer Tab
Ribbon - Format Tab - Drawing Tools
Ribbon - Format Tab - Picture Tools
Ribbon - Format Tab - SmartArt Tools
Ribbon - Handout Master
Ribbon - Home Tab
Ribbon - Insert Tab
Ribbon - Notes Master
Ribbon - Pens Tab - Inking
Ribbon - Recording Tab
Ribbon - Review Tab
Ribbon - Slide Master
Ribbon - Slide Show Tab
Ribbon - Storyboarding Tab
Ribbon - Transitions Tab
Ribbon - View Tab
Right Alignment
Right Click
Rotate or Flip Toolbar
Rotating Objects
Rotating Slides
Running Macros
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