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Add record to Access database using ADO and SQL

Connection String - Excel Workbook

sConnectionStr = "Driver = {Microsoft Excel Driver (.xls)}" & ";" & _ 
                 "DriverID = 790" & ";" & _
                 "DBQ = "C:\DatabasePath\DBSpreadsheet.xls" & ";" & _
                 "DefaultDir = "C:\DatabasePath"

Driver -
DriverID -
DefaultDir -

Sub DB_Insert_via_ADOSQL() 
Dim cnt As New ADODB.Connection
Dim rst As New ADODB.Recordset
Dim dbPath As String
Dim tblName As String
Dim rngColHeads As Range
Dim rngTblRcds As Range
Dim colHead As String
Dim rcdDetail As String
Dim ch As Integer
Dim cl As Integer
Dim notNull As Booleann

'Set the string to the path of your database as defined on the worksheet
    dbPath = ActiveSheet.Range("B1").Value
    tblName = ActiveSheet.Range("B2").Value
    Set rngColHeads = ActiveSheet.Range("tblHeadings")
    Set rngTblRcds = ActiveSheet.Range("tblRecords")

'Concatenate a string with the names of the column headings
    colHead = " ("
    For ch = 1 To rngColHeads.Count
        colHead = colHead & rngColHeads.Columns(ch).Value
        Select Case ch
            Case Is = rngColHeads.Count
                colHead = colHead & ")"
            Case Else
                colHead = colHead & ","
        End Select
    Next ch

'Open connection to the database
    cnt.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _
            "Data Source=" & dbPath & ";"

'Begin transaction processing
    On Error GoTo EndUpdate

'Insert records into database from worksheet table
    For cl = 1 To rngTblRcds.Rows.Count

'Assume record is completely Null, and open record string for concatenation
        notNull = False
        rcdDetail = "('"

'Evaluate field in the record
        For ch = 1 To rngColHeads.Count
            Select Case rngTblRcds.Rows(cl).Columns(ch).Value
'if empty, append value of null to string
                Case Is = Empty
                    Select Case ch
                        Case Is = rngColHeads.Count
                            rcdDetail = Left(rcdDetail, Len(rcdDetail) - 1) & "NULL)"
                        Case Else
                            rcdDetail = Left(rcdDetail, Len(rcdDetail) - 1) & "NULL,'"
                    End Select

'if not empty, set notNull to true, and append value to string
                Case Else
                    notNull = True
                    Select Case ch
                        Case Is = rngColHeads.Count
                            rcdDetail = rcdDetail & rngTblRcds.Rows(cl).Columns(ch).Value & "')"
                        Case Else
                            rcdDetail = rcdDetail & rngTblRcds.Rows(cl).Columns(ch).Value & "','"
                    End Select
            End Select
        Next ch

'If record consists of only Null values, do not insert it to table, otherwise
'insert the record
        Select Case notNull
            Case Is = True
                rst.Open "INSERT INTO " & tblName & colHead & " VALUES " & rcdDetail, cnt
            Case Is = False
'do not insert record
        End Select
    Next cl

'Check if error was encounted
    If Err.Number <> 0 Then
'Error encountered. Rollback transaction and inform user
        On Error Resume Next
        MsgBox "There was an error. Update was not succesful!", vbCritical, "Error!"
        On Error Resume Next
    End If

'Close the ADO objects
    Set rst = Nothing
    Set cnt = Nothing
    On Error GoTo 0
End Sub

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