User FAQs

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1) Where in the project should I put my Messages and Questions ?
Any messages or questions that are displayed to the user should be moved to a dedicated code module, called "modMessages".
Putting them all in one place, makes them easier to edit, spot spelling mistakes and also to encourage a consistent look and feel.

2) How should the Messages be written ?
Every message should have a corresponding subroutine which is in the following format.

Public Sub Message_Description(ByVal sRelevantInformation As String) 
Dim sMessage As String

   sMessage = "This is the message that can include multiple lines of text." & _
              vbCrLf & _
              "You can also include any additional information : " & sRelevantInformation
   Call MsgBox(sMessage, vbOKOnly + vbInformation, g_sPROJECT_PREFIX & " - Caption")
'Call Tracer_Add("MESSAGE", sMessage)
End Sub

3) How should the Questions be written ?
Every question should have a corresponding function which is in the following format.

Public Function Question_Description() As VBA.VbMsgBoxResult 
Dim sMessage As String
Dim iResponse As VBA.VbMsgBoxResult

    sMessage = "This is the question." & _
              vbCrLf & _
              vbCrLf & _
              "Do you want to continue?"

    iResponse = MsgBox(sMessage, vbYesNo + vbQuestion, g_sPROJECT_PREFIX & " - Caption")
'Call Tracer_Add("QUESTION", sMessage)

    Question_Description = iResponse
End Function

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