Scalar Functions

Aggregate Functions

AVG ([Distinct | All | n]) - Average of values
COUNT - Total number of rows
MIN (column_name) - Minimum Value in a column ( or expression )
MAX (column_name) - Maximum Value

STDEV - Standard Deviation
STDEVP - Population estimate
SUM ([Distinct | All | n]) - Creates a column value that is the numeric sum of the values in the expression or column name specified
VAR - Average of the square of the difference from the mean
VARP - An estimate of the variance for the entire population

Useful Functions

Type Comment
Type ConversionTo_Number()Converts the input to a number
Type ConversionTo_Char()Converts the input to a character string
Type ConversionTo_Date(input, date format the input is in)Converts the input to the default date format
 Round( ) 
 Mod( , ) 
 NVL(column_value,value returned if Null) 
 DECODE(Used like an If statement or case statement
StringSUBSTR(original text, length you want, start position) 
 IN (list or array of values) 
 DUALRefers to a table with just one row - used to return a single value
StringUPPER()Converts the text string to uppercase
Single RowAVG 

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