2007 Changes

SAVE AS PDF - This is new and enables you to save workbooks in PDF format. This adds two commands to the Office menu. (Office > Save As > PDF) and (Office > Send > Email as PDF attachment)
SAVE AS PDF OR XPS - This is new and enables you to save workbooks in PDF and XPS format. This add three commands to the Office menu (Office > Save As > PDF or XPS), (Office > Send > Email as PDF attachment) and (Office > Send > Email as XPS attachment). XPS is XML Paper Specification.
HIDDEN DATA - This has been removed and has been replaced with the new Document Inspector functionality.

Add-ins Tab
There are three groups on this tab
Menu Commands -
Toolbar Commands -
Custom Toolbars -

PDF Add-ins are installed as standard

Text is no longer automatically recogniser and will no longer display a purple underline
You can select the text and choose "additional actions" to trigger recognition and view custom actions
The Person Name (Outlook) smart tag has been removed and replaced with Global address book functionality using Microsoft Office Communicator.
In Word this is replaced by the Additional Actions option but in Excel this has been removed completely

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