Insert Tab, Object, Microsoft Office Excel Chart

(Insert > Object) and select the "Create New" tab.
Scroll down to "Microsoft Graph Chart".
The (Insert > Picture > Chart) is just a shortcut to this option.

Press OK to insert a Microsoft Graph object into your document.

The sample data for the chart is displayed in a table called a datasheet.
To edit the chart double click on the object.

If you close the datasheet you can reopen it by double clicking on the chart and the selecting (View > Datasheet)
To exit the Excel chart click outsde the chart application.
To see the Excel chart window again, double click the chart or the data sheet.

When you work with MS Graph a separate window opens with toolbars and menus of that application.
You get additional Chart and Data drop-down menus on the standard menu

Please refer to PowerPoint section for more details on how to use Microsoft Graph.

Insert Tab, Object, Microsoft Graph Chart

Inserts an old MS Graph chart

Insert Tab, Chart

This displays the Insert Chart dialog box
This displays an Excel chart in your document and creates a new Excel workbook containing the sample data
If the workbook is closed it can be reopened by pressing the Edit Data button on the Chart Tools, Design tab or the Edit Data command on the shortcut menu

This is not the same as using the Insert Object dialog box and selecting "Microsoft Office Excel Chart"

(beware the links - create a copy & break the links) & modifying
(work out a way to update automatically)
Converting files to a pdf - use distiller 3.0 (it must be open though before you print to it)

When you create a chart in Word you are actually running a separate program called MS Graph.
This is the same program used in Word.

When you insert a chart, the data on which you want to use is displayed in a special window called the DataSheet

You can choose to import a linked file which will remain linked to its source file and be capable of being updated when the source is updated.
Or you can import an embedded file, which will remain part of the Word document which remains connected to the creating program (Excel) but not to the source.

You will need to change the sample data with your own.

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