PAGE [switches]

Inserts the number of the page that the PAGE field is located on. Microsoft Word inserts the PAGE field when you click the Page Numbers command (Insert menu) or when you click Insert Page Number on the Header and Footer toolbar.

\* arabic
\* alphabeticConverts number into lowercase letters.
\* ALPHABETICConverts number into uppercase letters.
\* romanConverts number into lowercase roman numerals.
\* ROMANConverts number into uppercase roman numerals.
\* OrdinalConverts number to follow ordinal sequence.
\* CardText
\* OrdText
\* HexConverts number into hexadecimal.
\* DollarText

* To modify the character formatting of the page number, modify the Page Number character style.
* This does allow you to insert the page number anywhere on the page, not just in a header or footer.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to


{ PAGE \* Arabic }
{ PAGE \* Roman }

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