PAGEREF bookmark [switches]

Inserts the page number of a bookmark for a cross-reference. To cross-reference items in a document, use the Cross-reference command (Insert menu, Reference submenu).

\h Creates a hyperlink to the bookmarked paragraph.
\p Causes the field to display its position relative to the source bookmark.
\* arabic
\* alphabeticConverts number into lowercase letters.
\* ALPHABETICConverts number into uppercase letters.
\* romanConverts number into lowercase roman numerals.
\* ROMANConverts number into uppercase roman numerals.
\* OrdinalConverts number to follow ordinal sequence.
\* CardText
\* OrdText
\* HexConverts number into hexadecimal.
\* DollarText

* The string "on page #" is used when the PAGEREF field is not on the current page. When the PAGEREF field is on the current page, it omits "on page #" and returns "above" or "below" only.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to


{ PAGEREF bookmark }

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