PRINTDATE [Switches]

Inserts the date and time that a document was last printed.

\h Specifies use of the Hijri/Lunar calendar
\s Specifies use of the Saka Era calendar

* This is obtained from the (File > Properties)(Statistics tab).
* Specifies a date and time format other than the default. If you select a format in the Field dialog box (Field command, Insert menu), Microsoft Word inserts a corresponding date-time picture switch.
* To use a format that's not shown in the Field dialog box, click Field Codes and type the format switch directly in the Field codes box. Learn more about date-time picture switches.
* Unless you select a different format, the date and time are displayed in the format specified as part of the regional settings in Microsoft Windows Control Panel.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to


{ PRINTDATE \@ "dd-mm-yyyy" }

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