RD "filename"

Identifies a file to include when you create a table of contents, a table of authorities, or an index with the TOC, TOA, or INDEX field. You must manually set starting page numbers and sequence values in files named in RD fields before updating the TOC, TOA, or INDEX field. The RD field doesn't display a result in the document. You cannot unlink an RD field.

filenameFile to include when generating a table of contents, table of authorities, or index
If the location includes a long file name with spaces, enclose it in quotation marks
Replace single backslashes with double backslashes to specify the path, for example:

* The RD field is formatted as hidden text. To view this field, click Show/Hide
* RD fields that reference a series of files must be in the same order as the files in the final document. For example, files Chap1 and Chap2 both have an index entry for "apricot" on the first page. The first page number in Chap1 is 1, and the first page number in Chap2 is 100.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to support.microsoft.com


{ TOC }
{ RD C:\\Manual\\Chapters\\Chapter1.doc }
{ RD C:\\Manual\\Chapters\\Chapter2.doc }
{ RD C:\\Manual\\Chapters\\Chapter3.doc }

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