TC "text" [switches]

Defines the text and page numbers for entries in a table of contents and in lists of tables, figures, and similar contents. Insert a TC field immediately before the text you want to include in the contents. To collect the TC field entries into a contents list, use the Index and Tables command (Insert menu, Reference submenu). Insert a TOC (Table of Contents) field where you want the contents in the document.

textText to appear in the table of contents for an entry.
\f Type The type of items collected in a particular contents list
Use a unique Type identifier (typically a letter from A-Z) for each type of list
For example, to build a list of illustrations, mark each illustration with a field such as { TC "Illustration 1" \f i }, where "i" indicates only illustration entries
If no type is specified, the entry is listed in a table of contents
\l Level The level of the TC entry
For example, the field { TC "Entering Data" \l 4 } marks a level-4 entry, and Microsoft Word applies the built-in style TOC 4 to that entry in the table of contents
If no level is specified, level 1 is assumed
\n Omits the page number for the entry.

* This field is considered to be hidden text and will only be displayed when you select (Tools > Options)(View > Hidden text).
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to


{ TC "Page Heading" \f C \l "1" }

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