Keeping the First Section

When you delete a section break it is the second section that resides.
This is easily illustrataed when you have different headers and footers and you change your document to have a different first page ??

If you want the combined section to retain the settings of the first section, change to Normal view.
Put your cursor on the middle section break and select (Edit Cut).
Move down to the second section break and select (Edit > Paste) to paste the original section break in front of it.
Then delete the second section marker.

This creates a real problem when you just have 2 sections in a document.
If you want to combine the last 2 sections in a document and have the combined section take on the characteristics of the first section.
In this scenario you have to move the section break to the very end of the document and keep an arbitrary paragraph mark in the second section ???

Deleting a Section break

You can remove a section break by placing the insertion point on the break and pressing Delete.
When a section break is removed the formatting from the section after the section break is used for the new section.

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