Formatting Dates

You can format your cells to display both the date and time parts or just the date or just the time.
You can change the date and time number format applied to your cells by highlighting the cells and selecting (Format > Cells)(Number tab).
If none of the built-in formats display the date or time in the correct way you can create a custom date and time format.

Default Formats

microsoft excel docs

Custom Formats

microsoft excel docs
d3Day as a number, no leading zero.
dd03Day as a number with a leading zero.
dddMonDay as an abbreviation (3 characters).
ddddMondayDay in full.
m9Month as a number, no leading zero.
mm09Month as a number with a leading zero.
mmmSepMonth as an abbreviation (3 characters).
mmmmSeptemberMonth in full.
yy04Year as a two digit number.
yyyy2004Year as a four digit number.


You can quickly remove any date and time number formats from cells by highlighting them and pressing (Ctrl + Shift + "~"). This will change the format back to General.

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