Add business days to a date

You can add business days to an existing date by using the WORKDAY.INTL function.
This function will ignore Saturdays and Sundays by default.

Cell "A1" displays the current date. Custom format "dddd dd mmmm yyyy".
Cell "A2" displays the current date and time. Custom format "dddd dd mmmm yyyy hh:mm:ss".
Cell "A3" displays the date that is 7 business days after the date in cell "A1".
Cell "A4" displays the date that is 21 business days before the date in cell "A1".

1=TODAY() = Saturday 02 July 2022
2=NOW() = Saturday 02 July 2022 05:11:55
3=WORKDAY.INTL(A1,7) = Tuesday, 12 July, 2022 12:00 AM
4=WORKDAY.INTL(A1,21) = Monday, 01 August, 2022 12:00 AM

Built-in Functions

TODAY - The serial number representing today's date.
NOW - The serial number of the current system date and time.
WORKDAY.INTL - The serial number that is a given number of working days before or after a date.

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