Number of occurrences of a particular day of the week

You can return the number of times a particular day of the week occurs between 2 dates (inclusive)
The occurrences for represented as a numeric value, Monday = 1, Sunday = 7.


1=TODAY() = Sunday 19 May 2024
2=NOW() = Sunday 19 May 2024 13:52:44
4=TODAY() = 19/05/2024
5=A4 = Sunday
7=A4+A6 = 02/06/2024
8=A7 = Sunday

1 - Displays the current date. Custom format "dddd dd mmmm yyyy".
2 - Displays the current date and time. Custom format "dddd dd mmmm yyyy hh:mm:ss".
3 - Displays the date formatted in long date format
4 - Displays the number of days that you want to add
5 - Displays the last date
6 - Displays the date formatted in long date format
7 - Displays the date

Built-in Functions

TODAY - The date serial number representing today's date.
NOW - The date serial number of the current system date and time.
SUMPRODUCT - The sum of the product of one or more arrays of values.
WEEKDAY - The day of the week for a given date.
ROW - The row number of a cell reference.
INDIRECT - The value of a given cell reference specified by a text string.

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