PRICE(settlement, maturity, rate, yield, redemption, frequency [,basis])

Returns the price of a security that pays periodic interest.

settlementThe settlement date of the security.
maturityThe maturity date of the security.
rateThe fixed interest rate of the security.
yieldThe annual yield of the security.
redemptionThe redemption value of the security per $100 face value.
frequencyThe number of coupon payments in a year:
1 = annual
2 = semi annual
4 = quarterly
basis(Optional) The type of day counting to use:
0 = 30/360 (default)
1 = Actual/Actual
2 = Actual/360
3 = Actual/365
4 = 30E/360

* The settlement date is the date a buyer purchases a coupon, such as a bond.
* The maturity date is the date when a coupon expires.
* The yield of a security is the annual ??
* Dates must be entered as text strings with quotation marks or as serial numbers.
* If "settlement" is not an integer, it is truncated.
* If "settlement" = "maturity", then #NUM! is returned.
* If "maturity" has passed, then #VALUE! is returned.
* If "rate" < 0, then #NUM! is returned.
* If "yield" < 0, then #NUM! is returned.
* If "redemption" = 0, then #NUM! is returned.
* If "frequency" is not an integer, it is truncated.
* If "frequency" is any number other than 1, 2 or 4, then #NUM! is returned.
* If "basis" is left blank, then 0 is used.
* If "basis" is not an integer, it is truncated.
* If "basis" < 0, then #NUM! is returned.
* If "basis" > 4, then #NUM! is returned.
* There is also a PRICEDISC for a discounted security (no interest payments).
* There is also a PRICEMAT for a security that pays its interest at maturity.
* This can be used to calculates a "clean" bond price.
* In Excel 2007 the accuracy of this function was improved.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to
* For the Google documentation refer to

1=PRICE("31 Mar 2012","31 Jul 2012",0.0575,1,100,2) = 76.1979166666667
2=PRICE("2/15/1999","11/15/2007",0.0575,0.065,100,2,0) = #VALUE!

1 - What would the price be of a $100 corporate bond settylying on 31 Mar 2012 with a maturity date of 31 July 2012, a coupon of 5.75% paid semi-annual. The security's annual yield is 6.5%.

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