Returns the text string of the value given.

valueThe value you want to test.

* If "value" is text, then "value" is returned.
* If "value" is a number, "" (empty string) is returned.
* This function is not used a lot as Microsoft Excel automatically converts values when necessary.
* This function was originally provided to allow backwards compatibility with other spreadsheet programs.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to support.microsoft.com
* For the Google documentation refer to support.google.com

1=T("sometext") = sometext
2=T("true") = true
3=T("20+100") = 20+100
4=T(100) = ""

1 - What is the text in the string "sometext".
2 - What is the text in the string "true".
3 - What is the text in the string "20+100".
4 - This is a numerical value so an empty string is returned.

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