Returns the number indicating the data type of the value.

valueThe value you want the data type of.

* This function can be useful when the behaviour of another function depends on the data type of value in a particular cell.
* This function is most useful when you are using functions that can accept different types of data.
* 1 is returned when "value" is a number.
* 2 is returned when "value" is text.
* 4 is returned when "value" is a logical value (True or False).
* 16 is returned when "value" is an error value.
* 64 is returned when "value" is an array.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to support.microsoft.com
* For the Google documentation refer to support.google.com

1=TYPE(B1) = 125
2=TYPE(2+B1) = 1surname
3=TYPE("text") = 2 
4=TYPE("MR. "&B2) = 2 
5=TYPE(TRUE) = 4 
6=TYPE(FALSE) = 4 
7=TYPE(10/0) = 16 
8=TYPE({1,2;3,4}) = 64 

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