Displaying a Value from a cell

Instead of typing your text directly into an Autoshape it is possible to refer to the contents of a cell.
Select the AutoShape you want to add the text to and use the formula bar to insert the corresponding formula.

Save As Default

Set as Default Shape
You cannot save the defaults on shapes that have been inserted into Charts


AutoShapes basically include everything that can be inserted from the Drawing toolbar except pictures and clipart.

Format AutoShape Dialog Box

Depending on the type of autoshape that is selected will depend on the specific formatting options available.
You can display the Format AutoShape dialog box by selecting any autoshape object by using the shortcut menu.
Screen shots of all the possible tabs that can be displayed are shown below:

Properties Tab

This applies to any cells that have a border between the upper left and lower right corners of the autoshape.
For example all the shaded cells will be affected with the following two autoshapes

Move and size with cells - Changing the size of the cells underneath the autoshape will change the size of the autoshape.
Move but don't size with cells - Changing the size of cells (or inserting/deleting rows and columns) will move the autoshape without resizing it.
Don't move or size with cells - Changing the size of cells (or inserting/deleting rows and columns) will not affect the autoshape.

Color and Lines Tab

Alignment Tab

Font Tab

Margins Tab

Size Tab

Protection Tab

Web Tab

The alternate text box is only relevant if you save your worksheet as a web page.
When graphics appear on a web pages you can display text in the browser while the image is being loaded.
This is particularly useful when you are displaying large images.
This text is also displayed as a tooltip when you hover the mouse over the image.
Alt text can also be identified and used by search engines to help identify the content on the page.


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