Common Errors

Error NoDescriptionFix
7Out of Memory 
9Subscript out of rangeWhen you are referring to an item in a collection that does not exist.
11Division by zero 
13Run time error 
28Out of stack spaceMeans you have got an infinite loop in your code somewhere.
43Object doesn't support the property or methodMeans you have an object currently selected that doesn't support the code you are trying to run.
49Bad DLL calling conventionMeans that arguments passed to an external DLL do not match those that are expected. This error message can also be triggered for different reasons which cannot be explained. You should export all the modules, close and then insert new ones and copy and paste the contents back in.
54Bad File modeAn attempt to write a read only file
An input statement specifies a file opned for an access mode other than Input.
A print statement specifies a file opened for access mode other than Output or Append.
 Compile Error: Expected VariableMeans you have used a keyword for a variable name.
 ByRef argument type mismatchMeans you need to declare the variable itself as opposed to grouping a declaration with commas.
 Can't execute breakpoint at this pointMacros you are unable to step through in code while are making dynamic changes to the project.
 Object library invalid[Compile Error] - Means that one or more of the Visual Basic 6.0 ActiveX controls that have been placed onto a worksheet cannot be found.
 Cannot insert objectsame as above
 The program used to create this object is Formssame as above

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