You should not use the Auto_Close event as this is for backwards compatibility.


In Excel this procedure runs just before a workbook is closed

You should use the Workbook_BeforeClose event instead.
This event will not run if the workbook is closed using code (??)

ActiveWorkbook.RunAutoMacros xlRunAutoMacro.xlAutoClose 

Word (AutoClose)

In Word this has an equivalent procedure called AutoClose.
Occurs when you close the document.
If you save this macro in a template it will run every time you attempt to open the template or any document based on that template.
The Document_Close event procedure is equivalent to the AutoClose event.
You should use the Document_Close event instead.


In PowerPoint the Auto_Close subroutine is only recognised in add-ins (.ppa) and not in normal presentations (.ppt)
Our productivity add-in can detect if this subroutine has been added to a regular presentation and runs it when it is opened.

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