You should not use the Auto_Open event as this is for backwards compatibility.


In Excel this procedure runs when a workbook is opened.
You should use the Workbook_Open event instead.
This will not run if the workbook is opened using code.

If you are opening a workbook using code then the Auto_Open macros will not run automatically.
If you want the Auto_Open macro to run you need to call it explicitly.

ActiveWorkbook.RunAutoMacros xlRunAutoMacro.xlAutoOpen

Word (AutoOpen)

In Word this has an equivalent procedure called AutoOpen.
You should use the Document_Open event instead.


Occurs when you open the document.
If you save this macro in a template it will run every time you attempt to open the template or any document based on that template.
The Document_Open event procedure is equivalent to the AutoOpen event.


In PowerPoint the Auto_Open is only recognised in add-ins (.ppa) and not in normal presentations (.ppt)
Our productivity add-in can detect if this subroutine has been added to a regular presentation and runs it when it is opened.

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