APPACTIVATE(title [,wait])

Activates an application or window currently running on Windows.

titleThe title that appears in the title bar of the application (String).
wait(Optional) True or False specifying if the application has the focus (Boolean).

* The "title" can also be the task id of the application (returned from the Shell function).
* If "wait" = True, then the calling application waits until it has the focus before activating the specific application.
* If "wait" = False, then the specified application is activates immediately.
* If "wait" is left blank, then False is used.
* This subroutine cannot change whether the application or window is maximised or minimised, it only changes focus.
* You can use the Shell function to change the status of the window (maximised or minimised).
* The equivalent .NET function is Microsoft.VisualBasic.Interaction.AppActivate
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to

AppActivate "Microsoft Word" 
Call AppActivate("Microsoft Word")

Dim dbAppID as Double
dbAppID = Shell("C:\Word\Winword.exe", 1)
AppActivate dbAppID
Call AppActivate(dbAppID)

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