Other Functions

APPACTIVATEActivates an application or window currently running on Windows.
BEEPProduces a single beep noice.
CALLTransfers control to a procedure.
CALLBYNAMEReturns, sets or executes a method or property of an object (Variant).
CHOOSEReturns the value from a list of values based on an index number (Variant).
COMMANDReturns the argument portion of the command line used to launch the application (Variant).
CVERRReturns a specific type of error (Variant).
DOEVENTSPauses execution to let the system process other events.
ENVIRONReturns information about the current operating system environment (String).
ERRORReturns the error message corresponding to a given error number (String).
GOTOTransfers control to the subroutine indicated by the line label.
IIFReturns one of two parts, depending on the evaluation of an expression.
IMPLEMENTSSpecifies an interface or class that can be implemented in a class module.
INPUTBOXDisplays a dialog box allowing the user to enter some information (String).
ISEMPTYReturns the value indicating if a variable has been initialised (Boolean).
ISERRORReturns the value indicating if an expression is an error (Boolean).
ISMISSINGReturns the value indicating if an optional argument has been passed to a procedure (Boolean).
ISNULLReturns the value indicating if an expression contains no data (Boolean).
ISNUMERICReturns the value indicating if an expression contains a number (Boolean).
LETComputes a value and assigns it to a new variable.
LOADPICTURELoads a picture from a file into a Picture or Image control (IPictureDisp).
MACIDConverts a four character constant to a value that can be used by Dir, Kill, Shell and AppActivate.
MSGBOXDisplays a dialog box displaying a message to the user (Integer).
OBJPTRReturns a LongPtr on a 64 bit version and a Long on a 32 bit version.
PARTITIONReturns the desired range of values. The number indicating where a number occurs within a calculated series of ranges (String).
QBCOLORReturns the RGB color corresponding to the specified color number (Long).
RAISEEVENTFires an event declared at module level within a class, form or document.
REMSpecifies a single line of comments.
RGBReturns the number representing an RGB color value (Long).
SAVEPICTURESaves a graphic image from an objects Picture or Image property to a file.
SENDKEYSSends keystrokes to an application.
SHELLReturns the program's task id from running an executable programs (Double).
STOPSuspends execution.
STRPTRReturns a LongPtr on a 64 bit version and a Long on a 32 bit version.
SWITCHReturns a value based on expressions (Variant).
TYPENAMEReturns the data type of the variable as a string (String).
VARPTRReturns a LongPtr on a 64 bit version and a Long on a 32 bit version.
VARTYPEReturns the number indicating the data type of a variable (Integer).

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