Input & Output Functions

CLOSECloses a text file.
EOFReturns the boolean value indicating if the end of a file has been reached (Boolean).
FREEFILEReturns the next valid free file number (Integer).
GETReads data from an open file into a variable.
IMESTATUSReturns the current Input Method Editor mode of Microsoft Windows (Integer).
INPUT - FunctionReturns the open stream of an Input or Binary file (String).
INPUT - StatementReads data from an open sequential field and assigns the data to a variable (Long).
LINEINPUTReads a single line from an Open sequential file and assigns it to a string.
LOCReturns the current read/write position within an open file (Long).
LOFReturns the size of an open file, in bytes (Long).
OPENOpens a text file.
PRINTWrites display formatted data to a sequential file.
PUTWrites data from a variable to a file.
RESETCloses all files open with the Open statement.
SEEK - FunctionReturns the current read/write position within a file opened using the Open statement (Long).
SEEK - StatementRepositions where the next operation in a file will occur.
SPCInserts a specified number (n) of spaces when writing or displaying text.
TABUsed with the Print # statement or the Print method to position output.
WIDTHAssigns an output line width (characters) for the open file.
WRITEWrites data to a sequential file.

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