B Functions

Functions that end with a B.

ASCBReturns the ANSI number for the first character in a text string (Integer).
CHRBReturns the character with the corresponding ANSI number (String).
INPUTBReturns the open stream of an Input or Binary file (String).
INSTRBReturns the byte position of a substring within a larger string (Long).
LEFTBReturns a number of characters from the left of a string (String).
LENBReturns the number of characters in a string (Long).
MIDBReturns the text string which is a substring of a larger string (String).
RIGHTBReturns the number of characters from the right of a text string (String).


You can use the CHRB function is used with byte data contained in a String.
Instead of returning a character, which may be one or two bytes, ChrB always returns a single byte.


Visual Basic for the Macintosh does not support Unicode strings.
Therefore, ChrW(n) cannot return all Unicode characters for n values in the range of 128 - 65,535, as it does in the Windows environment.
Instead, ChrW(n) attempts a "best guess" for Unicode values n greater than 127.
Therefore, you should not use ChrW in the Macintosh environment.
If the platform does not support Unicode then the behaviour is identical to the Chr function.

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