Returns the ANSI number for the first character in a text string (Integer).


The text string (String).

The "string" can be any valid string expression.
If string = "", then a run-time error occurs.
The value returned can be in the range 0 to 255.
ANSI or Unicode. VB strings are stored internally using Unicode but assumes that the outside wide is ANSI ??
There is also a AscB() function that returns a first single byte.
The length of a string in bytes may be greater than or equal to the number of actual characters in the string.
There is also a AscW() function that returns Unicode number for the first character in a text string.
Use Asc("y") = x rather than Chr(y) = x
Use IsCharAlphaNumeric instead of Asc() ?
In .NET this is available in Microsoft.VisualBasic namespace.

Asc(0) = 48 
Asc(1) = 49
Asc(9) = 57
Asc("A") = 65
Asc("Z") = 90
Asc("a") = 97
Asc("z") = 122
Asc("Apples") = 65
Asc(12) = 49

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