Returns the number of characters in a string (Long).

stringThe text string expression (String).

* When VBA stores a string in memory, it always stores the length of the string in a long integer at the start of the string.
* This function retrieves this value and is therefore faster than having to examine the actual characters.
* This function is useful for determining whether a string is a zero-length string ("") and should be used before comparing to a zero length string.
* This function can also be used to determine the number of bytes used to store a variable.
* You can use the LEFT function to return a substring from the left of a string.
* You can use the LENB function to use with byte data.
* You can use the MID Function to return a substring from the middle, left or right of a string.
* You can use the RIGHT function to return a substring from the right of a string.
* The equivalent Excel function is LEN
* The equivalent .NET function is Microsoft.VisualBasic.Strings.Len
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to learn.microsoft.com

Debug.Print Len("sometext")        '= 8  
Debug.Print Len("length of text") '= 14
Debug.Print Len("") '= 0
Debug.Print Len("true") '= 4
Debug.Print Len("false") '= 5
Debug.Print Len(true) ' compile error
Debug.Print Len(100) ' compile error

Dim lResult As Long
lResult = Len("development")
Debug.Print lResult '= 11

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