Alphabetical N - Z

NAMERenames an existing file or directory.
NOTThe logical "NOT" operator (Boolean).
NOWReturns the current system date and time (Date).
NPERReturns the number of periods for an investment (Double).
NPVReturns the present value of a series of unequal cash flows at regular intervals (Double).
OBJPTRReturns a LongPtr on a 64 bit version and a Long on a 32 bit version.
OCTReturns the number converted to octal (Variant).
OPENOpens a text file.
ORThe logical "OR" operator (Boolean).
PARTITIONReturns the desired range of values. The number indicating where a number occurs within a calculated series of ranges (String).
PMTReturns the amount of principal and interest aid in a given period in a series of equal cash flows at regular intervals (Double).
PPMTReturns the amount of principal paid in a given period in a series of equal cash flows at regular intervals (Double).
PRINTWrites display formatted data to a sequential file.
PUTWrites data from a variable to a file.
PVReturns the present value of an annuity (Double).
QBCOLORReturns the RGB color corresponding to the specified color number (Long).
RAISEEVENTFires an event declared at module level within a class, form or document.
RANDOMIZEInitialises the random number generator.
RATEReturns the interest rate for a series of equal cash flows at regular intervals (Double).
REDIMReinitialises an array redefines the dimension.
REMSpecifies a single line of comments.
REPLACEReturns the text string with a number of characters replaced (String).
RESETCloses all files open with the Open statement.
RGBReturns the number representing an RGB color value (Long).
RIGHTReturns the number of characters from the right of a text string (String).
RMDIRRemoves an existing directory.
RNDReturns a random number between 0 and 1 (Single).
ROUNDReturns a number rounded to a given number of decimal places (Double).
RSETRight aligns a string within a string variable.
RTRIMReturns the text string without trailing spaces (String).
SAVEPICTURESaves a graphic image from an objects Picture or Image property to a file.
SAVESETTINGWrites to the registry and saves a section or key in the registry.
SECONDReturns the second from a given time (Integer).
SEEK - FunctionReturns the current read/write position within a file opened using the Open statement (Long).
SEEK - StatementRepositions where the next operation in a file will occur.
SENDKEYSSends keystrokes to an application.
SETATTRDefines the attributes of a file or directory.
SGNReturns the sign of a number (Integer).
SHELLReturns the program's task id from running an executable programs (Double).
SINReturns the sine of an angle in radians (Double).
SLNReturns the straight-line depreciation of an asset over a single period of time (Double).
SPACEReturns the specified number of spaces (String).
SPCInserts a specified number (n) of spaces when writing or displaying text.
SPLITReturns the array containing a specified number of substrings (Variant).
SQRReturns the square root of a number (Double).
STOPSuspends execution.
STRReturns the text string of a number (String).
STRCOMPReturns the result of a string comparison (Integer).
STRCONVReturns the text string converted to a specific case or type (String).
STRINGReturns a repeating character of a given length (String).
STRPTRReturns a LongPtr on a 64 bit version and a Long on a 32 bit version.
STRREVERSEReturns the text string with the characters reversed (String).
SWITCHReturns a value based on expressions (Variant).
SYDReturns the sum-of-years' digits depreciation of an asset (Double).
TABUsed with the Print # statement or the Print method to position output.
TANReturns the tangent of an angle (Double).
TIME - FunctionReturns the current system time (Date).
TIME - StatementDefines the current system time.
TIMERReturns the number of seconds elapsed since midnight (Single).
TIMESERIALReturns the time for a specific hour, minute and second (Date).
TIMEVALUEReturns the time given a string representation of a time (Date).
TRIMReturns the text string removing leading and trailing spaces (String).
TYPENAMEReturns the data type of the variable as a string (String).
TYPEOFReturns the object data type.
UBOUNDReturns the largest subscript in a given dimension of an array (Long).
UCASEReturns the text string with all the characters converted to uppercase (String).
UNLOADRemoves an object from memory.
UNLOCKControls access to a file.
VALReturns the numbers contained in a string as a numeric value of the appropriate data type (Double).
VARPTRReturns a LongPtr on a 64 bit version and a Long on a 32 bit version.
VARTYPEReturns the number indicating the data type of a variable (Integer).
WEEKDAYReturns the number representing the day of the week for a given date (Integer).
WEEKDAYNAMEReturns the day of the week as a string (String).
WIDTHAssigns an output line width (characters) for the open file.
WRITEWrites data to a sequential file.
XORThe bitwise exclusion operator.
YEARReturns the year from a date (Integer).

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