WRITE # filenumber, [outputlist]

Writes data to a sequential file.

filenumberThe number of the file (Integer).
outputlist(Optional) The comma delimited data to insert into the file.

* If you end the statement with a semicolon, then a carriage return/line feed sequence is not inserted after each value.
* Data written to a file using this statement is usually read using the Input # statement.
* Writes data to the open sequential file associated with the filenumber.
* You can use the OPEN statement to open a text file.
* You can use the CLOSE statement to close a text file.
* You can use the PRINT statement to write display-formatted data to a sequential file.
* The equivalent .NET function is Microsoft.VisualBasic.FileSystem.Write
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to learn.microsoft.com

Write #1, "four,five,six" 
Write #1, 'writes a blank line to the file

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