INPUT([#]filenumber, varlist)

Reads data from an open sequential field and assigns the data to a variable (Long).

filenumberThe number of the file (Integer).
varlistThe variable name to read the input to.

* The "varlist" should contain one or more comma delimited variables.
* Data read using this statement is usually written to using the Write statement.
* Using the Write statement ensures each separate data field is properly delimited.
* If you reach the end of the file the input is terminated and an error occurs.
* Data items in a file must appear in the same order as the variables and also match their data types.
* If a variable is numeric but the data is not then a zero value is assigned.
* Your file should not contain any strings that include embedded quotation marks.
* Any strings that contain embedded quotation marks will be treated as separate strings.
* This statement is not available in Access.
* You can use the INPUT Function to return the open stream of an Input or Binary file.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to


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