SETATTR(pathname, attributes)

Defines the attributes of a file or directory.

pathnameThe valid filename and path.
attributesA vbFileAttribute constant specifying the file attribute:
vbAlias (64)
vbArchive (32)
vbDirectory (16)
vbHidden (2)
vbNormal (0)
vbReadOnly (1)
vbSystem (4)
vbVolume (8)

* Sets attributes for the file or directory specified by the pathname
* The equivalent .NET statement is Microsoft.VisualBasic.FileSystem.SetAttr
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to

SetAttr("C:\Temp.txt", 2) 
SetAttr("C:\Temp.txt", vbFileAttribute.vbNormal)
SetAttr("C:\Temp.txt", vbFileAttribute.vbReadOnly)

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