Returns the text string of a number (String).

numberThe valid expression (Long).

* When numbers are converted to strings, a leading space is always reserved for the sign of "number".
* If "number" is positive, the returned string contains a leading space and the plus sign is implied.
* This function recognizes only the period (.) as a valid decimal separator.
* When you need to use different decimal separators (for example, in international applications), use the CSTR function to convert a number to a string.
* You can use the CSTR function to convert anything that is not a number to a string.
* You can use the FORMAT function to convert a number or date to a particular format.
* You can use the STRREVERSE to return a text string with the characters reversed.
* You can use the STR$ function to return a String data type instead of a Variant/String data type.
* The equivalent .NET function is Microsoft.VisualBasic.Conversion.Str
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to

Str(459) = " 459"     'space in front  
Str(8.24) = " 8.24" 'space in front
Str(0.24) = " .24" 'space in front
Str(10) = " 10" 'space in front

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