REDIM [Preserve] varname

Initialises and resizes a dynamic array.

varnameThe name of the array variable.

* This is used to size or resize a Dynamic Array.
* When an array is re-initialized any values in the array will be lost.
* It is possible to resize an array without losing the existing values by using the Preserve keyword.
* You can change the data type when you resize the array but only if the array has a Variant data type.
* You can only change the data type of a Variant when you are not using the Preserve keyword.
* You can use this to resize the last dimension of multi-dimensional arrays.
* You can use the ERASE to reinitialise the elements of an array.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to

Dim myArray1() As Integer       'Dynamic array  
ReDim myArray1(2)
Debug.Print UBound(myArray1) '= 2
myArray1(0) = 10
myArray1(1) = 20
myArray1(2) = 30
ReDim Preserve myArray1(4)
Debug.Print myArray1(3) '= 0 - initial value
Debug.Print UBound(myArray1) '= 4
myArray1(3) = 40
myArray1(4) = 50

Dim myArray2 As Variant 'Variant can contain an array
ReDim myArray2(2) As Integer
Debug.Print myArray2(0) '= 0 - initial value
myArray2(0) = 10
myArray2(1) = 20
myArray2(2) = 30
Debug.Print myArray2(0) '= 10

ReDim myArray3(2) As String
myArray3(0) = "Pizza"
myArray3(1) = "Chips"
myArray3(2) = "Biscuits"
ReDim Preserve myArray3(50)
Debug.Print UBound(myArray3) '= 50
Debug.Print myArray3(0) '= Pizza

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