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R1C1 (Excel)
Raise Custom Errors
RAISEEVENT - Built-in Statement
RaiseEvent Keyword
Raising Errors
Random Access Mode
Random Number Generator
Random Numbers
RANDOMIZE - Built-in Statement
RANDOMNUMBER - User Defined Function
RANDOMPASSWORD - User Defined Function
Range - Excel
Range to Array (Excel)
Range to Image (Excel)
Range("A1").Select (Excel)
Range.Dirty (Excel)
RATE - Built-in Function
RDO (Remote Data Objects)
Read File
Read from File
Read Text File
Readiness Toolkit for Add-ins
Reading Text Files
Recipients (Outlook)
Record Macro
Recording Macros
RecordSet Object - ADO
Recursive Functions
Recursive Functions - Factorial
Recursive Functions - Folders
Recursive Procedures
Recursive Subroutines
REDIM - Built-in Statement
ReDim Preserve Statement
ReDim Statement
Redo - Visual Basic Editor
Ref Edit Control
RefEdit Control
Reference Data Types
Reference Equality Operator
Reference Libraries
Reference Types
Referenced Project
References - 32 Bit
References - 64 Bit
References - comctl32.ocx
References - fm20.dll
References - msado21.dll
References - mscomct2.ocx
References - msxml6.dll
References - ole32.dll
References - olepro32.dll
References - refedit.dll
References - Scripting Runtime Library
References - scrrun.dll
References - stdole2.dll
References - vbe6.dll
References - vbscript.dll
References - winhttpcom.dll
Referencing Projects
Referencing Type Libraries
Referencing VBIDE Objects
Refresh Ribbon
Refresh Slicers
RegEx (Regular Expressions)
RegExp - Reference
RegExp - RegEx
RegisterXLL - Application.
Registry - Addin Manager
Registry - advapi32.dll
Registry - DeleteSettings
Registry - GetAllSettings
Registry - GetSetting
Registry - GetValue
Registry - SaveSetting
Registry - WScript.Shell
Registry Keys - DisableMergeInstance
Regular Expressions (RegEx)
Relational Operators
Relative Recording
REM - Built-in Statement
Rem Keyword
Remote Data Objects (RDO)
Remove Duplicates - Arrays
Remove Emails
Remove Module
Remove Spaces from a String
RemoveControl Event
REMOVEDUPLICATES - User Defined Function*
RemoveItem - ComboBox
RemoveItem - ListBox
REMOVENUMBERS - User Defined Function
REMOVESPACES - User Defined Function
Removing Breakpoints
Removing Classes
Removing Code Modules
Removing Comments
Removing Decimal Places
Removing Items from Arrays
Removing Items from Collections
Removing Items from Scripting.Dictionary
Removing Macros
Removing Modules
Removing Procedures
Removing Protection
Removing Substrings
Removing Userforms
Removing Variables
Removing Watches
Repainting Userforms
Repeating Character a Number of Times
REPLACE - Built-in Function
Replace and Find
REPLACE$ - Built-in Function
ReplaceModule Procedure
Replacing Characters from String
Replacing Items in Arrays
Replacing Items in Collections
Replacing Items in Scripting Dictionary
Replacing Substring from String
Replacing Substring with Wildcards
Replacing Text
Require Explicit Declaration
Require Variable Declaration
Research Task Pane
Reserved Words
RESET - Built-in Statement
Resize Window
Resizing Arrays
Resizing Controls
Resizing Images
Resizing Pictures
Resource File
Resume Command
Resume Keyword
Resume Next - On Error
Resume Next Command
Resume Statements
Resuming After an Error
Return Array
Return Constant
Return Keyword
Return Multiple Variables - Function
Return Object
Return Strings From Functions
Return Value - Function
Return Values - Function
REVERSE - User Defined Function
Reversing Strings
Reversing Words
RGB - Built-in Function
Ribbon - Activate
Ribbon - ActivateTabMso
Ribbon - Blank Error Message
Ribbon - box
Ribbon - Built-in Icons
Ribbon - Built-in Tabs*
Ribbon - button
Ribbon - buttonGroup
Ribbon - Calling Built-in Commands
Ribbon - checkbox
Ribbon - comboBox
Ribbon - commands
Ribbon - contextMenus
Ribbon - contextualTabs
Ribbon - control
Ribbon - Custom Icons
Ribbon - Custom UI Editor
Ribbon - Customisation
Ribbon - customUI
Ribbon - dialogBoxLauncher
Ribbon - documentControls
Ribbon - dropdown
Ribbon - Dynamic Controls
Ribbon - dynamicMenu
Ribbon - editBox
Ribbon - Error Messages
Ribbon - gallery
Ribbon - group
Ribbon - Icon Gallery
Ribbon - idQ
Ribbon - insertAfterMso
Ribbon - insertBeforeMso
Ribbon - Interface Error Messages
Ribbon - Invalidate
Ribbon - IRibbonControl
Ribbon - item
Ribbon - labelControl
Ribbon - menu
Ribbon - menuSeparator
Ribbon - officeMenu
Ribbon - OnAction
Ribbon - OnChange
Ribbon - OnLoad Event
Ribbon - qat
Ribbon - Questions
Ribbon - ribbon
Ribbon - Schema Files
Ribbon - separator
Ribbon - SetCustomUI (Project)
Ribbon - sharedControls
Ribbon - splitButton
Ribbon - tab
Ribbon - tabSet
Ribbon - toggleButton
Ribbon Customisation
Ribbon Tabs
Ribbon Tabs - Built-in*
Ribbon Tabs - TabHome*
RibbonX Editor
RIGHT - Built-in Function
RIGHT$ - Built-in Function
RIGHTB$ - Built-in Function
RMDIR - Built-in Statement
RND - Built-in Function
RootFolder Property
ROUND - Built-in Function
Rounding Down
Rounding Up
ROWHEIGHT - User Defined Function
Rows(2:2) (Excel)
RowSource Property
RSET - Built-in Statement
RTD (Real Time Data)
RTF (Rich Text Format)
RtlMoveMemory - API
RTRIM - Built-in Function
RubberDuck Add-in
Run > Break
Run > Continue
Run > Design Mode
Run > Reset
Run > Run Sub
Run > Run Userform
Run File
Run Macro
Run Macro On Time
Run Time
Run Time Errors
Run Time Errors - Bad DLL Calling Convention
Run Time Errors - Path/File Access Error
Run Time Subroutine Names
Run to Cursor
Running Functions
Running Macros
Running Macros in Excel
Running Macros in Outlook*
Running Macros in PowerPoint
Running Macros in Word
Running Procedures
Running Subroutines
Runtime Errors
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