If a text string is too long, when you try to import it into the Registry it inserts a carriage return in the middle. If this happens it will not get added to the Registry.
You can drag the file into Notepad and remove the carriage return manually ??

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HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT - Interface, OLE features
HKEY_CURRENT_USER - Data from the user's .dat file
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - System specific settings
HKEY_USERS - Settings about all the users on the system.
HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG - Hardware information

When is the Registry Updated ?

The Registry is only read once when the application starts up and once when the application is closed.
If the application crashes the Registry will not be updated and therefore any settings that have been changed will not be saved.

Registry > Import
creates a .reg file

To edit an existing key, right click on it and select Rename from the opup menu
To create a new key click on the "parent" you want the new key to appear under click Edit > New > Key and type the name of the key
To create a new value choose the key it will belong to click Edit > New
Choose from
String Value
Bnary Value
DWORD value
type the name of the value and press Enter twice and fill in the value
to delete a key highlight it and press Edit > Delete

Excel graphs
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Common\Legacy Rendering


KB 2423462

Word - shortcut - linked worksheet object >> Update Link
Call was rejected by callee


Charts - Bug - Distorted Font Spacing
When you copy an Excel chart as a picture and then paste it into Word 2007, the font spacing gets distorted
This problem occurs when certain fonts are used in the chart.
KB - 970889


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Excel\Options\DisableMergeInstance = 1 

Registry Functions

DELETESETTINGSRemoves (or deletes) a key or section from the registry.
GETALLSETTINGSReturns the list of key settings and their values from the registry (Variant).
GETSETTINGReads from the registry and returns the value or key from the registry (String).
SAVESETTINGWrites to the registry and saves a section or key in the registry.

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