Excel Nodes


Registry nodes for Excel 2013

microsoft excel docs

The registry entries are only updated when Excel closes.
The following registry entry contains the list of recently used workbooks

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Excel\Recent Files\ 

The following registry entry contains the default number of worksheets in a new workbook.


Add-in Manager - Lists all the add-ins that are displayed in the (Tools > Add-ins) dialog box. Built-in add-ins that are included with Excel are not included in this list.
AddInLoadTimes -
DataRecommendation -
Error Checking -
File MRU - Stores the names of all the files last saved. Up to a maximum of 9.
Options - Holds a wide variety of setttings including the folder paths of any files that are to opened automatically when Excel starts.
Place MRU -
Recent Templates -
Resiliency -
Security -
Spell Checker - Stores information about your spelling checker options.
StatusBar -
User MRU -
Web Extension User MRU -

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