If you need to remove a module select the module in the Project Explorer window and select (File > Remove ???)
where ??? Is the name of the module.
Alternatively you can also use the shortcut menu and select Remove ???/
You will be asked if you want to export the project before removing it.
More details about importing and exporting modules, please refer to the Visual Basic Editor > Components page.

If you want to delete all the macros from a workbook then it is much easier to do this using the Visual Basic Editor.
This way you can use the shortcut menu to quickly remove a code module from the project.
Select the code module you want to delete and press the right mouse button and select "Remove Module".
You will be asked if you want to export the module first. Select "No".
It is not sufficient just to delete the VBA code from the code modules.
You must also remove any empty code modules from your workbook.
The Enable/Disable Macros dialog box will be displayed if there are any code modules in the workbook.

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